• No Place for Full Contact Sports

    Dodgeball is a sport for bullies to take out their frustrations on easy targets across the room. Dodgeball can be a full contact sport as the ball whizzes in towards someone's head, often at close range. Kids can fall and become hurt trying to avoid being hit by the balls, even though they are soft.

  • It should be band

    I think that it should be band because it lowers self esteem for weak kids. It can also lable kuds in a place that my get them in a state of getting picked and being bullyed. Parents would also be upset if their child came home with a black eye, or a bruises on their body.

  • What is the benefit??

    This is and has always been the stupidist game at school. No one enjoys having a hard rubber ball hurled at them. People with glasses are always at risk for an eye injury. Everyone is subject to possible concussions. Especially since the people throwing it the harded always aim for your face!! It is 2015 and this "sport" is still being played?? We make everyone wear helmets, protective gear, car seats forever etc. and we are still pelting unprotected children with balls???! It is a bully sport. It was in the 70's and nothing has changed. Find something better. This is unbelievably ridiculous. Shame on you for allowing this to continue.

  • Ban it now!

    It causes a lot of ingerys. And it hurts. Really. I know some one who got hurt in it. A lot of people say your out in dodge ball. A lot of people do not like it. I do not like. Support me in banning dodge ball from schools. Please.

  • Self Esteem Hurts! DX

    When it's end of gym some students laugh at you because you get hit a lot of times. You sometimes cry when you really get hurt in the stomach or hip but they think you're just a sissie. And you get angry that you just wanna hit them in the face.

  • Make it a CHOICE - not mandatory participation!

    Dodge Ball is not FUN for everyone! Allow the students to choose whether they want to play or not! Making it mandatory is exactly why there is so much controversy based around the contact sport! Allowing the boys to beam the students in the head is ridiculous! Why is that considered fun? Fun for the assaulter! Not fun to be on a receiving end of that blow! If banning the sport is too harsh, that allow alternatives! Period!

  • Make it a Choice

    If removing the contact sport is too harsh of a decision, than let the kids decide if they want to play - or not! Having a mandatory co-ed team is ridiculous. Yeah, there are some girls that are just as rough as the boys - so let them play if they want - but - let those that DO NOT want to play this rough sport have an alternative choice!

  • I think dodge ball is okay to play.

    The main reason I believe this is that it builds fast reflexes. Another reason is that it is good for your arm muscles. Finally I also have to deal with loosing and getting out. I think dodgeball is fun.I have no problem playing dodgeball because I am already good at catching and throwing.

  • I feel that it should be banned.

    In my school, we do not play dodgeball. We play a similar version called Medicball. The balls are smaller and are the squishy kind. You know? There is a Medic who tags people who are out. If the medic is hit, the other team wins. It's fun and I love playing it. I'm not advocating the ban of all fun gym class games, I'm just saying that dodgeballs are too big and hard. It can easily break a pair of glasses or a students nose.

  • Say no to dodgeball

    Its no good for kids who are weak and not skilled at it. Can cause to serious injereries and stressfulness. We want our kids safe not hurt by the end of the day! Dodge ball is a deadly game that we wouldnt want our children to be playing at all.

  • Dodge ball shoudn't be banned

    Dodge ball is a fun sport if people dont want to play they dont have to so they need to stop winning and just play the sport its the funniest sport in our school so why would they banned it. Taking away dodge ball is like taking away football our basketball or baseball.

  • It has to stay

    I think people shouldn't ban dodgeball since it is a great exercise for you, plus you can work that arm strength. Also people can crush their enemies. So people who hate dodgeball should actually should give it a try to know how to live a great sport. So try it!

  • Dodgeball is life at my school

    Dodgeball is a good game for wasting time in a good way sometimes recess can be really boring but a game of dodgeball makes it feel as if you didn't even start the game and when you are done all of a sudden you want to play again. AND TO ALL OF DEM HATERS OF DODGEBALL just try a game of it and I think you will change your mind.

  • Though it can be dangerous, we can work around this.

    Sure, dodge ball can be dangerous by being hit in the head. But we can go around that. Maybe if people used softer balls, it wouldn't hurt. But dodge ball is a fun game that I honestly enjoyed as a kid, And I still do. Taking this sport away will crush so many fans of the game.

  • Its the best game in the world

    People need to learn to toughen up people are getting weaker and weaker dodgeball is a moral mental and physical sport but you just have to learn to be a good sportand not wine i get so tired of not being able to play dodgeball wid my friends it's unbelievable

  • Dodge ball should not be banned!

    Dodge ball is a game of having fun. Dodge ball helps students notice more things, for instance students need to watch where the ball is coming and how to dodge it in like 3 seconds. It also helps you strengthen your throw and personality. So in the end, dodge ball should not be banned!

  • Dodge ball should not be banned!

    Dodge ball is a game of having fun. Dodge ball helps students notice more things, for instance students need to watch where the ball is coming and how to dodge it in like 3 seconds. It also helps you strengthen your throw and personality. So in the end, dodge ball should not be banned!

  • Dodgeball is very good!

    You see, in dodgeball, it is like Overwatch or TF2, because you got to find the play style for you, this can teach kids how to adapt to hard stuff, and also be more skilled in looking for styles that fit them, like for example, people who deliver balls to the kids who can throw good, which also encourges teamwork

  • Dodgeball does not need to be banned!

    Dodgeball is one of the first chances to discover if you are weak and if you are then it helps you find out how to deal with it. By banning dodgeball, kids are being taught that everyone is equal. Surprise, that's not true. Not everyone is strong and not everyone is weak.

  • Best game ever

    Its a fun game that are entire class plays in gym except 4-5 girls
    yeah you get out but its a thrill becuase whats the last person going to do is he going to get out or is he going to catch a ball and bring everyone back in the game!

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Anthonyreyes says2017-03-02T19:40:41.597
I agree with side B because Dodge ball is a game that at some time in our lives we all played, whether it was in elementary school at recess or in middle school during a physical education class. Dodge ball was one of those games that no one would ever consider to someday become a Hollywood movie. Some would think it to be a ridiculous idea, but this was an idea for a smash hit comedy. Who knew that one day a game we once played and still play could be so hilarious that as an audience we would want to watch a comedy about it. DodgeBall is a great sports comedy; hence this is a movie that can be watched by the entire family.