Should dogs be put down if they have bitten someone?

Asked by: lionheartking
  • You guys have no valid points

    All you people are doing is comparing humans to dogs by saying "should a human get put down for biting someone?" The answer is NO HUMANS SHOULD NOT GET PUT DOWN BECAUSE WE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN DOGS AND WE CANT DO AS MUCH DAMAGE FROM BITING SOMEONE. If a dog attacked someone to the point where they were killed or had any injuries it should be put down. Are you guys saying that if a dog bit you or your child to the extent that you had to get stitches or were almost killed you would want to keep it. Why is it that when a human kills someone else people want them executed, but if a dog does the same thing its not okay. You guys are idiots. Humans have more value because WE keep the human race alive not dogs anyone who thinks differently is stupid.

  • No Place in the World

    Listen. If a dog keeps snapping at children it has serious issues. It will never be trained to like children. Only tolerate them until one day it has had enough. Look up pictures of dog bitten children. I had to kill my own dog for repeated bites on my toddler. I grabbed it by the scruff and slit its throat. I had to. I couldn't live with my baby being scarred and terrorized by a stupid boxer. Boxers are supposed yo be good with kids, but they aren't. They get jealous, territorial over toys and attention. First is the glare....Then the growl... Snap...And attack. Kill your aggressive dogs. Don't let them feel above the toddler in the pack order. Boxers are prone to jealousy and possesiveness over owners. Do NOT think they won't again. First time he did it I beat him and put him in the crate for a day. This was the fifth time he snapped at the baby. Five times. After beating, training, trying to acclimate the dog to the child. I tried everything I was told to. And he still bit. Some dogs are no good with kids and that's it. Nothing can ever make them like kids. Some dogs see them as competition for food and affection. And they will always hate the child for it. Don't risk it.

  • Dogs are bad

    Dogs are not good animals if they bit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs are not good animals if they bit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dogs are not good animals if they bit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs are not good animals if they bit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs not good animals if they bit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs are not good animals if they bit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dogs are not good animals if they bit you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • It is a dog

    Small dogs can be ignored. They are silly any way. Bigger dog breeds that has bitten more than once will bite again. If you are afraid of your own dog there must be something wrong with the way you think. Why keep it? All depends what the purpose of the dog is. Is it a pet, a working dog eg. Sled, police, hunting? Some dogs are bred for meat.

  • No, I don't think so.

    Dogs can help but bit people if they feel threatened or scared. For some it's their instincts. If you adopt a dog that has been beaten in the past, they could but because of their past. Dogs don't want to be beaten as you can image, so they defend themselves. Would a human hit or kick another person if they are hurting them? There is always a possibility it's self defense.
    Then again, the dog could gotten anxious. My mothers friend was running by a house that had a dog in it and she got bit. The dog could've felt a little excited because he didn't know what was going on.
    So, in a lot of ways it could be the humans fault.

  • No, I do not think so!

    Actually I am going through this debate with a girl who just put down her brand new 2 year old pup who they just got not even a month ago from out of the state, it "bit" her face ( no marks are visible) and she put the dog down. I agree that if a dog kills someone or causes enough harm they should get put down but for a simple bite that they probably asked for no they shouldn't. Especially if they are getting a new puppy which they originally wanted the next week. Dogs and humans do not compare in that way but at the same time usually if a dog bites someone its the owners fault for not taking proper precautions in order to prevent the bite from happening.

  • Dogs rights should be the same as humans!

    You never see humans be put down if they do bad things, besides, us humans do way worse things to each other then dogs do. Some people say that us humans are more important than any other living thing on the earth. Imagine if YOU were that poor dog who is about to be put down. Would YOU think its fair? Just because you were trying to protect yourself or others? You wouldn't be able to tell the people who are about to kill you that!

  • The dog should not be punished!

    If a dog attacks someone, then it is usually because the thing he/she is attacking is seen as a threat! Human's are the only ones that attack out of evil! It is up to the "owner" to tame him/her, to know that people are not a threat to be defeated.

  • Dog are alive just as much as humans

    I don't think that we should put down dogs if they have bitten someone. It would as same as killing the dogs. There are lots of medical treatments available to prevent dogs from biting people. Also with the good training we can prevent dog from attacking people. Everyone in this world makes mistakes and death penalty is not the answer.

  • Dogs communicate differently!

    As a qualified animal care worker dogs communicate their needs differently to humans. They feel hunger, thirst, pain, joy and all those other things but express them in different ways.

    Just imagine if someone was pulling your ears and annoying the crap out of you by doing so, you would speak up wouldn't you? A dog may growl or move away to indicate that it doesn't like it's tail being pulled however the child or adult still continues to annoy the dog by pulling it's tail despite the earlier warning and just like a person would finally snapped after being annoyed for so long the dog will also snap and bite as as way to say enough is enough.

    At the end of the day it is up to us to teach our children how to RESPECT the boundaries of a dog or another animal, children should be taught the signs of when an animal is becoming agitated or uncomfortable with playing or when it's had enough of playing.

    Is it often that too many dogs are euthanized unnecessarily because a child or even an adult has gone too far in terms of playing and they haven't backed off or been taught to know when to back off.

  • No..No..No... Should we put a kindergarten child down because it bit mine?

    Here we have a classical case of should we kill the animal because of "reaction"... The owners of Pets should be more responsible and "raise their dog" instead of simply tolerating its presence. I have found it to be true that 9 out of 10 animals which have bit a human being have 1) bite due to before ongoing teasing by a human. 2) have been raised to be ill tempered by humans. 3) The Owner is anger Filled and treats their pet terrible to begin with.

  • No, I do not think so.

    Do humans get "put down" when they have harmed someone, no. Dogs shouldn't either, first of all, if the person is doing something that makes the dog bite them it is just the dogs instincts to defend itself.
    And when a dog bites someone for "no apparent reason" there is always a reason, the dog must feel threatened in some way.

  • It's called a second chance.

    A dog should only bite if it feels threatened. In that case it's the persons fault if they get bitten. A dog is the cousin of the wolf so it's their instinct to protect themselves and their owners. We should prevent this by asking the owner if it's okay to pet the dog ,and stay calm while around dogs cause they can smell fear.

  • Dogs should not be put down for biting

    A human wouldn't ever be put down for biting, or, in some places, even killing another person, so why should it be any different for dogs? They deserve a second chance. Dogs do not bite for no reason. If a dog doed bite, it is more than likely because it feels threatened and feels it needs to protect itself. If a dog is trained well, biting should be preventable anyway.

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Preston says2014-07-01T19:12:53.160
Wow animal rights, apparently they deserve the rights humans do