• Why the Hell Wouldn't It?

    No one should be legally allowed to be violent towards their spouse. That is never okay. Only an evil, cold hearted person would vote "No" on this issue. God wants marriage to be about love, not violence.
    One in four women will experience domestic violence, ad that needs to change.

  • It is a crime.

    Domestic violence is one of the biggest killers in this country, mainly because it is not taken seriously and it mostly goes unreported. We need to find a deterrence from the rampant spousal and child abuse that goes on behind closed doors. People are beaten and battered every day in their own homes by a member of their family and nobody is doing anything to put a stop to it.

  • Domestic violence is evil and should definitely be criminalized.

    Domestic violence is a horrible thing and it should be criminalized with serious penalties. It is not fair to condemn people to domestic violence, you are an animal if you are the one who is committing the violence. In the case of people who do it due to mental issues we should hospitalize and help them, but for outright evil people they should be charged and sent to court.

  • Yes, domestic violence is a crime.

    Yes, domestic violence should be criminalized because it is a national health problem. Spouses and partners suffering from domestic violence have been proven to miss work or need medical care, costing the economy millions annually. An abuser may put their victim in the hospital or even escalate to murder, and everything possible should be done to prevent that. Domestic violence can also leave life-long trauma which may cause children to become violent later in life, or even commit other crimes. The state should be able to charge the offender even against the wishes of the victim, who may not be able to see the situation clearly. Victims often develop a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, where they are emotionally invested in an abuser who keeps them isolated and dependent.

  • Definitely, of course

    As far as I know, domestic violence is a crime. Brutality in the home has been an ongoing problem for years. It is one of the most dangerous calls a police officer can get. The problem is that most partners involved in domestic violence refuse to press charges. So officers put their lives in danger to rescue those in need only to find themselves answering the same call several months later. If there was mandatory requirement to get anger management treatment or face jail time, maybe then the epidemic will stop.

  • DV laws are being misused, and is itself a racket of corruption

    Domestic Enemies Make, Support, Enforce, and Defend Un-Constitutional Laws.
    America is the leading jailer in the history of all human civilizations.
    Despite Innocence, over 95% of all defendants are forced to plead guilty rather than go to trial.
    At least 12% of People convicted of 'Serious' crimes are INNOCENT.
    (Less serious crimes much higher % innocent wrongly convicted.)
    In the 1990s, a federal inquiry found that DNA testing, then new, was clearing 25% of primary suspects.
    America is NOT Free. USA Citizens are denied their Constitutional Rights.
    Some Government & Legal Officials, and many Laws are domestic enemies, traitors, perjures, and in violation to the US Constitution.
    Domestic Violence industry and laws are a Scam.
    1 in 10 falsely accused of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.
    Women perpetrate over 70% of interpersonal violence against men.
    Women murder family members 60%, while men murder family only 20%.
    Women use weapons in 80% of their assaults, while only 25% for men.
    LGBTQ and HIV-affected people of color make up over 50 percent of all intimate-partner violence cases.
    Study finds a 41% false allegation rate for rape claims.
    Up to 80% of domestic violence allegations against men are false allegations.
    Women are 9 times more likely to call the police than men in domestic violence.
    1 in 3, mostly men, are falsely arrested for domestic violence nationally.
    Nearly 1 out of every 2, mostly men, are falsely arrested for domestic violence in N.D.
    Law Enforcement Officers commit the most violent assault crimes, the most sexual assault crimes, the most fatal excessive force crimes, and police domestic violence is two to four times higher than the general population.
    (Based on an equivalent population basis): Cops kill Citizens by firearm at a rate of 3.5 times more than citizens kill another citizen by firearm. Cops kill Citizens by firearm at a rate of 1,000 times more than citizens kill cops by firearm.


    North Dakota Wrongfully Convicted

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