• Yes! Adios Mexicans

    You shouldnt of crossed the border in the first place. This america is reserved for us the great whites and if you mexicans can read than you will understand you dont fit in. Ill do whatever it takes to build that wall. Save the blancos and not the migrants. Adios

  • Bye bye arabs

    Trump will get rid of all the muslims to stop the terror attacks. This will prevent any serious terror attacks in the United States Of America and will help save lives. Trump is a realist and understands what it takes to actually get stuff done in the world TOTAL SICK LAD

  • Something different than a CUCK

    Yeah that's right. Someone who doesn't conform to the lowest common denominator. Someone who isn't 100% politically correct all the time. Someone who doesn't aid people who don't deserve it. Someone who has a business-oriented plan to actually make America a decent country instead of giving people a bunch of stuff when they don't deserve it and turning a blind eye when something happens that perpetuates a negative stereotype.

    He'd be incredibly different than ANY other candidate or past president.

  • Trump should be elected BECAUSE he would be a terrible president

    Trump should be president, not because he would be good, but because he would do something different than the last 50 years of presidents, and something might change. Even if he drives us into the ground, there would be a massive uprising to change everything back. People will find an enemy and grow in adversity. When we aren't fighting wars, we start to bash each other down. If our leader proves to be a viable foe, the people would stop whining about unimportant things like race and sexuality and team up to fix REAL problems.

  • I think Trump will turn the country around.

    Although Trump does not have the greatest foreign policy, he is a wonderful businessman, which is exactly what this country needs. The debt has gotten extremely out of control, and it is time that we as a country turned that around. Trump can be the CEO that we need as a country.

  • Security, thrift and public engagement

    A) The world is epitomised now more than ever by power politics. Russia and Assad are becoming cosier and whilst Trump may seem a brinksman he will stabilise Russian expansionism which has been upheld by a naive approach under Kerry's tenure which will create clarity to a Putin offensive and create mutual respect. NATO is weakening: look at proposals even in the UK with Corbyn. Security is key.
    B) Foreign devaluation is a big issue only Trump is hitting home; the issue of free market clarity seems fair - we need hard hitting approaches for hard hitting times.
    C) He is a business man. He never went bankrupt and he has a social side to him which Jeb does have but isn't put in terms of financial viability. His rhetoric is a problem but his means-based approach to government is widely shared and he can lead the republicans away from the extremes by not cutting medicare as much as possible.
    - Will raise people's awareness of issues and get more engaged even if you disagree with him
    - respected by business

  • Trump is a great man

    Trump is going to make the Hispanics and illegal immigrants go back to where they belong. We need to build this wall and make sure that no one gets into this country without learning how to be a citizen. Donald Trump is also a very smart man considering that he owns a multi-billion dollar company. Vote Trump for president!

  • He is the Man!!!!!!

    Donald Trump would make a great president for this country. This country needs a leader to show us how to make tons of money quickly and easily. We need to elect Donald Trump for office for this country an every state to be successful in the game of life! He is the man!!!

  • He would ruin the Republican parties forever

    Trumps election would DESTROY the credibility of the Republicans, the Tea Baggers, the Libertarians, and, most importantly, FOX 'News'. For generations people would proclaim his presidency the reason the United States became socialist. He could be exactly the smack in the face this conservative country needed to 'make this country great'... Not again, we never actually were.

  • Trump would bring change.

    Good or bad Trump will bring change. Think of him like Andrew Jackson, he would get some big important things done at a large cost. But he still gets things done. If Donald Trump is a bad president then it really would be that bad. Trump has no money in oil and no money in military in general.

  • He's racist, sexist, homophobic, and he said he would sleep with his daughter if she wasn't his daughter.

    He's a horrible person and I will move to Ireland I swear to God he if he gets elected I will leave. He is simply a disgusting excuse for a human being and there is no way in hell he would ever be allowed to run a country the world would end.

  • He is so bad

    Hes not fair and he is racist to Mexican and all of the people but not the white people he posted this one in his twitter I clomplane into I get what I want and I going to get it.Do not vote for him is going to ruined the USA.He is the worst president he will destroy the world

  • He is bad

    He is a bad man who shouldn't be aloud to be president because he is a racist person. Donald Trump is a person who you would not want for president. First of all he is to racist to Mexican people even though his parents are Mexican that's fucked up yeah!!!!!!

  • He is an asshole!!

    He is racist, sexist, homophobic jerk, and if he gets elected I'm moving to Canada. He will put us into nuclear war the week he gets elected, and America will go down the toilet faster than piss. Donald Trump will be the doom and downfall of the United States. NO

  • Racist Rich White Man Runs For President

    This isn't news and it isn't something America needs. We do not need to take steps backwards especially after the protests across the country, gay marriage being legalized, and the Black Lives Matter movement. This decade could be a decade of change, Donald Trump will turn it into a decade of decay.

  • He is bad

    He is a bad man who shouldn't be aloud to be president because he is a racist person. Donald Trump is a person who you would not want for president. First of all he is to racist to Mexican people even though his parents are Mexican that's fucked up yeah!!!!!!

  • Donald Trump is an egotistical maniac.

    Now, I can understand that some people would want him for the sole purpose of bringing about change, but just bringing about change doesn't make a person qualified to run a country. Anarchists bring about change. Every single super villain ever brought about change, but that doesn't change the fact that they're anarchists or super villains. Another thing, Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy 4 TIMES. Now, he may have brought his company back from bankruptcy as well, but let's not forget that that he got it there in the first place. And you know how he really, really is against immigrants? WELL, his father, Fred Trump, was an immigrant.

  • I would love to move to Uganda

    Uganda is a beautiful country located in East Africa. The region of Rukengiri would be the most desirable destination. If I lived there, I would buy a Boda-Boda (motorbike) and a ute, so I can transport goods and people with ease. I would not want to live in Kampala, but would like to visit the North-East

  • Trump is a racist, populist, opportunistic, demagogue but for republican standards he isn't so bad

    Maybe if your an extremely nihilistic anti-americanist it would be a good idea to support Trump so America's reputation can decay and its infrastructure can crumble and a maybe revolution will take place but otherwise voting Trump is a bad idea. Trump was a risky businessmen and came close to being bankrupt but he is ultimately a successful businessman but that wouldn't make him a good president, if America went nearly bankrupt do you really think the people responsible would pay for it, of course they wouldn't the lessons of Greece and Portugal show us that is the people especially the lower and middle class who will have to pay. If Trump went bankrupt it wouldn't matter if America did well them millions of Americans would suffer. Trump is also a populist with no ideas of his own he just (or at least no intelligent ones anyway) he just says whatever is popular in reactionary parts of American society, (if you honestly think its a good idea to build a Mexican proof wall you are a reactionary, if you think Mexico will pay build a wall to keep Mexicans in even though you believe they are sending all the rapists and murderers away there is something wrong with you). As much as I despise Trump even on a personal level (lets face it we all do) he isn't that bad compared to most republican candidates, he never mentions bombing Iran, he won't be an establishment pet actually he is better than some Democrats (especially a Clinton) he even wants to improve relations with Russia, few other candidates want that or mention. The general field of candidates is pretty depressing to be honest I'm not sure its even worth voting, to be honest i think the only person that isn't totally rotten is Sanders (i doubt he will fix the broken political system anyway) and even though he is a scumbag my next preference is Trump because he doesn't fetishize over a third world war. In summary Trump is bad everyone else is worse and Sanders is okay but he won't be able to change much. To be honest I don't really care who wins as long as a bomb doesn't fall on me house because who some stupid hick thought would be a good president.

  • He should not be president

    Just because he has money doesn't mean he has to be president also he always says i am beating everyone plus Hillary should be president cause she will make things better also she has experience from her husband Bill Clinton. That is why I think Donald trump should not be president of the USA!

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talacon1 says2015-11-02T15:32:54.523
Forget those idiots in Washington. Look to Jesus with the best healthcare plan there is- everlasting life. Look to Jesus for peace. Look to Jesus for righteousness.
harrytruman says2015-11-03T01:07:31.267
harrytruman says2015-11-04T08:14:06.277
hoffg210 says2016-01-27T16:19:54.863
Donald Trump is the biggest pain in the rear of all time.
hoffg210 says2016-01-27T16:20:08.130
Donald Trump is the biggest pain in the rear of all time.
waterskier-360 says2016-02-08T01:32:06.733
At least he's not a liar liar pants on fire like Clinton
Gamapo says2016-02-29T15:07:58.763
Ok, forget clinton, burnie and dump and VOTE FOR CRUZ!!
csmith17 says2016-03-08T18:17:32.863
TRUMP IS JUNK! If Trump becomes president if he pisses someone off over seas we will be at war.
dchildress816 says2016-04-18T20:57:25.963
Obama says no he can't
Gamapo says2016-04-19T03:13:46.363
Obama sucks too
themassesaredumb says2016-06-08T21:34:15.220
It's funny how many people misuse the definition of 'racist'... By exact definition, Trump is actually not a racist. The only way to determine that would be if he freely admitted it; he's actually stated several times he likes Hispanics. Though not a Trump fan, the lefties definitely misconstrued the 'build the wall' message. ...Lefties..."Oh, I heard one of my programmed 'trigger words'...ATTACK!" It'd be funny if it weren't so scary. War is a'coming...