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  • No, Trump should not be tied with Clinton.

    No, Trump should be far, far behind Clinton since he represents so much of what is wrong with our nation at this time. He values bullying others to get your way, cheating in business to get ahead, and treating others with contempt. Because of this and more, he should not have nearly as much support as Clinton.

  • Disagree, Hilary Clinton makes a better leader

    I believe Hilary Clinton should Surpass Donald Trump because she has more experience within public office. Donald Trump seems more of a businessman when dealing with the public and acquiring the presidency. The presidency requires tact and knowledge of domestic and foreign relations. Hilary Clinton has more first hand experience with the presidency.

  • No, Donald Trump has no substance.

    It is sad to see that Donald Trump is tied with Hilary Clinton, and is further proof that even out political elections are tied to celebrity culture. Donald Trump has no substance behind his personality or his platform and does not have the knowledge or experience to run a country well.

  • "The Donald" needs to head out

    Recent polls have shown that Donald Trump is tied with Hillary Clinton in terms of public support. This is completely backwards, as Hillary Clinton has proved time and again that she is far more capable than the reality TV star who tweets racist and nonsensical comments. People should have more support for Clinton because she is much more levelheaded - time for "the Donald" to take his cue and leave.

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