• Treason and sexual assault

    Trumps well documented attempt to get dirt on his opposition in exchange for preferential treatment of Russia is treason. Not only this, but he's been accused of sexual assult by 25 different women. He needs to faces charges and go to jail like everybody else who commits similar crimes. The funny thing is most of the right wing nutjobs think he's the law and order president

  • I disagree with this.

    I don't think he should go to prison for fraud because I am pretty sure that is not an appropriate punishment. I am not American so who am I to say, however I believe that imprisonment is to harsh. People go to prison for murder, thieving, rape or financial fraud (basically stealing money) but not for fraud on Donald Trumps scale. Please do not think I am standing up for him. I do not believe he should be given power but I think imprisonment is just not right. Maybe he should be fined but not imprisoned.

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