• Don't do it people

    Hi I am talking about how people should be allowed to be doped I I I think im doped and it feels good but bad at the same time im not old to do this please do not do it im sorry and good bye world just kidding im gone.

  • Doping is dangerous

    Possibly. But so are sports in general. Doping aside, professional sports are Likely to be pretty bad for you. But the point is irrelevant, since adults should be able to choose whether or not they want to trade away their own safety for the glory and the financial reward of sport.

  • It's only fair...

    Yes, most sports are already unfair with those who have access to superior equipment having a substantial advantage.
    Advancements in material sciences and engineering in the form of cutting edge sporting equipment enhance the performance of competitors who can afford them. In terms of 'fairness' this is no different to using advancements in bioscience to enhance performance.

  • No it takes away the integrity

    If you start allowing doping sports you are taking away the integrity of athletes and opening a dangerous door. The key to sports is to stay one step ahead of the competition. What you will see is athletes experimenting with new drugs to gain advantages. If they are not careful this could have major negative effects including death.

  • Sets Horrible Example

    If doping is allowed in sports, it sets a horrible example for young kids. An entirely new drug culture will prop up where high school kids decide to dope up to get an edge in their teen years up into college. If doping becomes part of pro sports culture, it only encourages teens to engage in the same behavior.

  • No, that is not authentic.

    No, doping should not be allowed in sports, because then the sport is not a measure of who really was the best. Also, if some people choose to dope, other people might feel like they don't have any other choice but to dope, otherwise they will not be able to stay competitive with the other athletes.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe doping should be allowed in sports. Sports is suppose to be about team work and physical fitness. Taking steroids and performance-enhance drugs is not a healthy lifestyle. I believe athletes should be focused on the game and the team, not themselves exclusive. I view doping as a way to cheat and cheating and sports don't go together.

  • Doping should not be allowed in sports.

    Doping should not be allowed in sports. However, as long as their is sports there will always be the risk that someone is doping. The media has been having a field day in the reporting of these instances. I think as long as it does not hurt anybody else then people should be free to make that decision themselves.

  • Dope Is Bad

    Doping in sports shows no real skill, it only shows that the athlete thinks that they can't do what they want to do on their own. Not only that, but think about the kids who look up to these professionals and find out that they were using PED's, it's a bad role model upon them.

  • No. It obscures talent.

    When people take illegal drugs, it is harder to separate the truly talented athletes from those who are only good because of a substance and not their hard work. Doping cheapens a sport and hurts the fan base. Saying it should be allowed is also like saying other forms of cheating should be allowed. After a while, no one would watch.

  • No doping

    No, I do not think that doping or using any kind of performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in any type of sports either amateur or professional. It gives an unfair advantage along with hurting your body for the future. Yes, it might make you look and feel stronger, but it's messing up your body in the meantime.

  • No.

    The casual fan might think it's the road to the most ridiculous and entertain physical feats available, but that isn't the case. Not everybody in sports wants this, so even if you support that argument, it isn't true because of the unbalanced playing field it would create. The only way to have legitimate high quality athletic competition is for everybody to get their based on natural talent.

  • It should not be allowed.

    No, doping should not be allowed in sports. The premise of sports is that these athletes are competing using their natural abilities. When doping is involved, there is an unfair advantage to those individuals who engage in that. Sports are also not supposed to promote cheating, of which doping would be included in. If everyone can dope, then what is the point of competing if everyone is cheating anyway? It should definitely not be allowed.

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