• Of course is should

    Some people feel like they are great at a sport when they find out their not some go to train, and others turn to drugs! Even if a drug get doctor prescribed it can still be addicting and that person still could die. That was somewhat off topic but this not so much, that person could say "only once" but drug are a force, a force to be reckon with.

  • Yes it should.

    Drug abuse in sports should be banned, and is illegal to misuse drugs in the first place. Drugs should not be used as a way to get better at a sport because in the long run you are making it harder for yourself to play the sport without the drug.

  • Ban Drug Abuse in Sports

    Without a doubt, players in professional sports need to be penalized for drug abuse. Most sports have a drug testing program, and these programs must be used to end such drug abuse. Performance-enhancing drugs and drugs of abuse have no place in professional sports. They need to be eliminated quickly.

  • Drug abuse is cheating.

    Why on earth wouldn't we ban anything described as "abuse" from sports, or from life, for that matter? I can't imagine an competent athlete abusing their bodies with run of the mill narcotics, so assuming we're talking about the use of performance enhancing drugs? Well, if that's happening, then it's cheating. Cheating is already banned in sports, so that should include drugs.

  • Drug Tests Already Required

    Most sports already have a substance abuse policy and players can be suspended for certain numbers of games for violating drug policies. Drug abuse in sports is already banned in regards to PEDs. Banning all drugs in sports is a good idea and it is already in place, however enforcement is going to be a problem.

  • Drugs Should Be Banned

    I believe that drug abuse, specifically performance-enhancing drugs, should be banned in sports. Sports and sports leagues are suppose to support good values as they are a venue of entertainment for the whole family. Creating leagues of drug-enhanced athletes does not follow these values and they should remain banned, as they are.

  • Drugs in sports send the wrong message

    When youth athletes see drug use in sports being rewarded with huge contracts, it tells them that a quick way to make it big is to do the same. Obviously, that's a major problem. Drug use in sports is regulated in most cases, and penalties are getting harsher. They need to continue that trend until this stops.

  • I told you

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  • Performance enhancing drugs can be dangerous toall players on the field and should be banned.

    Though I support legalization or decriminalization of all drugs, I do not support the legalization of performance enhancing drugs in situations where it may put the health or safety of other people in danger, as could be the case in sporting events. If people want to use drugs, they should not be able to play sports professionally.

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