• No way, drug way!

    If they are going to use drugs in the first place, then what exactly is the point? It just makes it unfair in every way there is about sports. How can others even compete then? Because, then there is just no reason to have the game go at all now, is there?

  • Why at all?

    If there are going to use drugs, what's the point. Then, the game would just be a whole lot of wasted time. Why even have it then? Correct me if I', wrong, but it is just completely wrong. It would just not be worth it then, now would it then?

  • Drugs Should Be Banned

    I believe when it comes to professional sports, drugs should be banned. To me, one of the facets of professional sports, is to have players that are the healthiest and best examples of the people who play any given sport. They have to spend countless hours training and sculpting their body into the best it can be. I do not think they should use drugs, especially steroids, for enhancement.

  • Yes why should sports be any different

    Yes drugs should be banned in sports. First if the drug isn't allowed outside of sports it would make no sense to allow it in sports. Second part of competition is an evening playing field. If you allow drugs into sport s you are completely doing away with the even playing field.

  • Drugs should be banned in sports

    Performance enhancing drugs in sports should be banned as they create a standard which is not able to be matched without the use of drugs. This makes athletes who do not use performance enhancing drugs unable to compete without compromising their health and their morals. An athlete who relies on performance enhancing drugs is harming their own health and only achieving a temporary boost in performance.

  • Yes of course.

    Sports is about taking people with the more talent and ability and pitting them against each other in a match of skills and ability. There is no reason that drugs should be allowed into sports because it would give them an unfair advantage, which is completely against what sports is about.

  • Sports need zero drugs

    I feel a team can represent a particular city. For example, the Browns represent Cleveland. The last thing a city needs is for their home team to have players who frequently use drugs. I feel drugs should be completely banned in sports, unless they are prescribed by their licensed doctor.

  • Yes. Drugs should never be allowed in sports.

    Yes. The professional athlete has a lot of pressure coming down on them in this age of million dollar pay checks and lucrative endorsement deals. They also have a lot of pressure coming from the free endorsement deals they get in the form of young fans. Athletes act as the first role models for yound people, and legalizing drugs in sports would set the wrong example.

  • Sport enhancing drugs should be allowed

    Come on guys the drugs should be allowed for many a reasons but one is that if you think about it which would you rather watching a little muscles man in weight lifting or a super strong superman. See it would make sport more entertaining for example it would make marathons more fast paced and intense there for drawing in more viewers and advertisers and so on. And that is just a few reasons why drugs should be allowed in sports

  • Only in certain cases

    The issue with drug use in sports is generally relegated to the use of steroids or testosterone injections that make the playing field unfair, but perhaps instead of banning these athletes, they should be handicapped as a different sort of player in a different sort of league. Besides, all these people want to do is compete - they're playing the game correctly, aren't they?

  • Performance-enhancing drugs would only make sports more enjoyable to watch.

    People watch sports in order to be entertained. They want to see an athelete do things that they are unable to do. Performance-enhancing drugs would improve almost every sport known to man. In fact, i believe that performance-enhancing drugs should not only be legalized, they should be mandatory! This would make sports more exciting and also boost the economy by bringing in more viewers and advertisers.

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