• Sure, why not?

    As a professional player, you have to look out for what is in your own best interest. If Dwayne Wade felt that he would make more money, have more playing time, gain a better coach, or something else, then why would he not go? There are always a list of reasons a player has for and against leaving one team for another, so if the pros outweighed the cons for him, then great!

  • Yes he should leave

    Dwyane Wade is going home and spurning his adopted home in the process. After playing his entire career in Miami, Wade has agreed to a deal with the Chicago Bulls, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski. Considering the rift that he had with the Miami team, this move was inevitable

  • Yes, he should have left.

    The Chicago Bulls gave him a better offer, so it was a good thing that he took it. Plus, the fact that he is able to return home and live near his family and friends makes it a better choice for him as well. He will be a great asset to the team.

  • Yes, Dwayne Wade made the choice that was best for him.

    Yes, Dwayne Wade should be able to make his own decisions about where he wants to play, and if that is in Chicago instead of Miami, then that is where he should go. Many people see this decision as a mistake, however, if Chicago is going to work better for Wade, then it is not a mistake. In addition, the deal gives him more money, and a happiness that the Heat could not offer.

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