• Make 3000 year and get 5000-6000

    Then people sell kids social security number as after 2 kids claimed you get no more. So couple with 8 sells 6 and goes to collect when friends and family claim their kids yet also they got food stamps section 8 housing free medical and worked extra cash side jobs

  • It is about subsidizing an irresponsible behaving group at the expense of others.

    The laws of Natural Selection/Social Darwinism. I don' t think it is fair for a responsible person subsidizing another persons poor decision making however I will admit there needs to be additional reforms to combat usury in the system. There should not be wage slaves. You should be able to provide for the basics of life from any full time job. This implies perhaps technology has gone too far and automation should be taxed.

  • Abolish the EITC today

    I live in a poor area and see many people blow their refund. TVs, bar hopping, new phones, purses ext ext. Rarely is the money going towards children (maybe $100-200). The most selfish person Ive seen (Nicki Gaulke, WI) has used her refund to take herself to Florida, including Disney, without her children. She also took a MONTH long vacation to Europe, without her kids, or man. Meanwhile collects $600 a month food stamps, state insurance, along with other welfare aid. She refuses to work full time and leaves those of who work her short handed during important times. "Cant work more bc it will screw up my benefits" was her excuse to not pick up a shift. THIS is what the EITC and welfare does to people!

  • Yes. This is just another form of welfare.

    EIC is just a form of welfare. My stomach turns when I see people with $5000 "refund" checks and they are buying big screen TVs and the latest cell phone with money they never earned and with tax money they never paid into. Maybe that money would be better spent in other areas like health care.

  • Redistribution of wealth

    Fact is fact I am a tax payer who has an education that I chose to obtain, I have a great career that I again chose! I earn my pay honestly and pay my share of taxes. People who continue to depend on the government for subsidies and tax "credits" are their own worst enemies! It is not the fault of the middle class that the people who are titled "poor" are in the position they are in. Everyone has had the same opportunities that were presented to myself throughout life but, they chose not to take advantage of those opportunities. I vote to abolish the EIC and work toward a fair tax system. Exhausted of hearing all the excuses out there. Get out there and find and earn yourself a good living!

  • Abolish EIC NOW

    Abolish EIC as it stands today. Giving away $6,242.00 (the maximum Federal Credit) is a disservice to every tax paying American. Tone that down to $1,000 maximum and don't apply a COI increase. Give credits to senior citizens........You know....The one's who've paid their dues! Make the beggars try harder and find out what it's like to live like a senior citizen.

  • Stop Rewarding Childbirth

    I have worked hard and sacrificed to get where I am. And the reward I get is a huge tax bill every year so I can reward people having children they cannot adequately take care of. Single parents getting more back in income tax than they originally pay in is just WRONG!!!!!!

  • The earned income credit should be abolished

    The money that single mothers get and families get from the earned income credit is not being used for their kids, it is being used for plastic surgery, Disney vacations, Iphones, computers for the adults etc. They know who the father of their child is but instead lie and say they don't so they can keep getting all the benefits of being a "single mother" and the fathers don't have to pay child support. I could go on and on.

  • Too much is given to people with kids

    My issue is that we, as the 50% who have to pay taxes, are actually paying these people to use government services. There is no incentive for improvement, just an incentive to work the bare minimum.
    Instead of paying it out in one lump sum why not split the credit out over a period of 6 months? Lets face it, the amount that some of these people get can make a rent payment for MONTHS. No one helps me pay my rent.
    I have heard that people put this money toward schooling. Thats wonderful, but that also means that I can not afford schooling for myself because I am paying for someone else.
    So I see this credit as a punishment to the people that either can't have kids or are responsible enough to know that they can not afford children.

  • It is redistribution of wealth

    Receiving more than you gave means it came from someone else or from a reduced spend in another tax funded program. I am speaking as someone who forfeits 40% of his income to taxes & insurance. Maintaining that high of a level of tax burden so that lesser contributors may receive free money should be unconstitutional.

  • Not until wages rise to compensate.

    Tax credits are a great way for the govnt to fudge figures....Works very well to reduce unemployment figures, by allowing the creation of jobs so low paid, that some form of redistribution is needed. They call them tax credits in another fudge. It should be called the exploitation allowance. Big business and the profit imperative has been allowed to rule and facilitated by governments fudging the figures. A lot of the comments next door in the yes camp are correct...However, I voted no, because abolishing the credits without addressing the reasons for them is inviting disaster.

  • Even Ronald Reagan supported it

    The Earned Income Tax Credit being spent is estimated to put billions of dollars into the economy and create thousands and thousands of jobs because of that spending. {Happy to send through the links to show that if that helps}.

    Ronald Reagan supported it and so it can't be dismissed as some left wing redistribution plan.

    It is a lot easier to top up the pay of the working poor then to get businesses to pay higher wages so that the working poor do not need the credit.

  • No way keep it

    I dont have kids ,I dont mind paying taxes that helps people who have less ,this money goes right back into economy.Just imagine if they stop it .Stores would lay off people no shopping because poor still be poor and nothing to buy ..Poor people are the biggest spenders in America they keep America moving

  • Are you kidding

    Yea take more form the poor! Why dont they stop sending all OUR money to other countries. We are not truly free, its what were brainwashed to think. My eyes are now open, I will no longer sit back and say " Its Just How It Is" They are about CONTROL not freedom and rights.
    Then they will complain about welfare again, how do they think we fix are vehicals to get to work or cloth r kids. 7.25 an hr sure the hell dont do it. I get it, as long as anyone working within the higher end of the Government (because i know the police and fire men etc dont get paid enough for what they do) gets their fat checks, fancy dinners , nice houses, so on and so on " its all good". Let them lose pay, have to down size, go live in a small house omg i bet they would throw a fit! I think im going to be Amish..Lol

  • The money goes right back into the economic system.

    The poor don't have substantial spending power most of the year, and this is their once a year shopping opportunity. New shoes and clothes for the kids, car repairs that have been waiting for months, etc., can now be taken care of. If the family isn't working, they don't qualify; it's not a handout.

  • Earned income credit is important.

    In order to receive the earned income credit, you have to work to be eligible for it. This perk helps families whom are hard working, but still fall under the lower income family. It is not a handout, and it is not charity. It also goes back into the economy when people spend. It is a win win situation.

  • No, it provides needed support for people raising children.

    For what it is worth, I do not have children of my own, but I believe in the Earned Income Credit regardless. The families that it is targeted towards often need the extra help, especially since it benefits families with foster children as well. It is often what can make the difference between a refund or owing the government quite a bit of extra. It's also not something that lasts a lifetime, and only benefits families while they have children that qualify, while they truly need the extra income.

  • No, it is good for our economy.

    If anything, it should slowly take the place of what we call 'Welfare'. Earned Income Credit helps keep people contributing to society when they otherwise could not and keeps building work-ethic in low-income families.

    People don't seem to realize that helping people who are trying to help themselves is good for everyone as it keeps people engaged in the economy instead of being a victim of it. I fully support giving financial aid to working citizens rather than handouts to the unmotivated. Also, it helps the social security fund which we have slowly turned into a retirement plan.

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