Should educated people be the only ones allowed to vote in elections?

  • After attending 2 years of college, hell yes.

    I believe uneducated people can more easily manipulated by the political elite and may not have a greater understanding on how economics and politics work. Have you ever had a poltical/ economic debate with an uneducated person? You can't unless you educate them. This is partially why we have the electoral college.

  • Yes, but I don't like how most people assign education to the level you reached in academia.

    I think that before every vote there should be a small test verifying your knowledge of the subject at hand. Are you able to identify what you are about to vote for, and the possible consequences this might have in the future? Do you have basic understandings of economics, political science, sociology, and any other subject concerning the vote at hand? Let's take beet farming for example, if there was a law that was to be passed on the reduction of government finding for beet farmers in America, well it would be required for you to have notions of the agricultural market in America, and of the budget expenses before you voted on the law. It onlt seems fair to not let people with little knowledge, and skin in the game, take a decision that has little repercussion on them.

  • The issues of these votes are very serious and voting during the elections need some basic knowledges

    “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”
    ― Franklin D. Roosevelt
    They tend to forget that even if everybody should have the right to vote, the issues of these votes are very serious and voting during the elections need some basic knowledge and a certain critical mind which is provided by the education in order to make a good impact on the country.

  • College Educated or just High School diploma? I believe both.

    College educated make the best choices. High school diploma adults are also better at choosing than adults with no high school diploma. This will encourage more students to go to college or finish high school, and lower the drop-out rate. This new law would "make america great again". - ACS

  • Please tell me for fa activity in favour of right to uneducated peoples

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  • Most certainly yes

    The uneducated pose a clear and present danger not only to countries but to themselves. Their votes are likely based on more basic impulses and on skewed perceptions rather than on logical and factual arguments. From the puerile many who were sold by Obama's "Yes We Can!", to the resented who have fallen for "Make America Great Again", people with less education are more likely to be swept off their feet by the power-hungry salesmen that current "statesmen" have become. An adequately educated and informed population is a detriment to kleptocrats and despots and most voters are not fully educated as to see through the clever slogans and cheerful tunes.

  • ...Everyone should know what they are doing when voting for their country...

    The only seemingly valid argument against this is that education is not equally distributed throughout the population, that's true. This is invalid because the education required to know what is more necessary is not withheld to the lower educated. The arguments of saying that if you are a citizen and over eighteen, are not even arguments, they are just stating what the laws currently are. The fact that 'all' citizens can be drafted to fight and therefore have a right to vote is invalid because many citizens are withheld from the military due to their mental faculties, i.e. To low IQ, personality disorders, mentally handicapped, and previously... The homosexuals. Therefore, the argument for rational people that know what is going on and why they should be the only voters, has evidence (and is slightly depicted already in the government)

  • Everyone should be allowed to vote, but ...

    Not everyone should get the same number of votes. We can have a system where uneducated people (no GED) get one vote, high school grads get two, college grads get 3, people with graduate degrees get 4 and so on. This one, everyone gets to vote, but the people who are equipped to make better decisions will have more weight. If it encourages more people to acquire education, that's great. We'll all benefit from it.

  • Educated in the canadates and issues, yes. Educated in the general sense, no.

    Being a college graduate does not inherently make someone better at knowing what is the best course of action for a country. That said the idea that literally everyone who can sign there name and put a letter in the mail should be aloud to vote seems a little asinine. General education level should not be the bar for entry. Instead it should be education level specifically about real current political issues and the current candidates. If someone doesn't know left from right and thinks the earth is flat, but knows every congressmen's name and their policy's and has a general idea of how said policies will effect everything, I say let them have a hand in politics. If, let's say, a successful college educated entrepreneur thinks that illegal immigration is the biggest problem in their respective country, and that building a huge wall is the answer to this problem, they probably should not be aloud to vote/run for office. Just as an example....

  • Would you allow ignorants to sentence you in a court of law?

    In the judicial system, juror´s majority decisions are obligatory (democracy in the juror room). You can be sentenced even to death. Similarly, elected representatives ennact laws that are obligatory to the general population, for instance confiscating your wealth through taxes. Would you let an ignorant be your juror? Modern society´s issues are complex and trade-offs not understood easily. The wise gets the same weight that the ignoramus. However, tough to test "wiseness", which is not correlated with age or educational level. We are in a pickle

    Posted by: APMT
  • Voting is Everyone's Right!

    No, educated people should not be the only ones allowed to vote in elections. One of the freedoms that make this such a great country is that every citizen has the right to vote. There are thousands of people who never had the opportunity or the means to attend college. Many of these people are self-educated and quite able hold their own with “educated people” so this term should not even exist. Everyone who casts their vote does it based on who they feel is the right person for the office. There are just as many undecided voters among “educated people” as there are in the rest of the population.

  • Uneducated people usually don't vote anyway

    Define Educated. Not like your vote counts anyway probably because the educated rigged the system already so i would say people who vote fall under uneducated. Sarcasim for a dumb topic. I always vote i think voting should be a requirement and so should education that is if voting mattered.

  • Voter Restriction Bonanza?

    This makes no sense. What other arbitrary requirements can we come up with...Perhaps an income requirement? Perhaps only those with drivers' licenses? Maybe only homeowners? Parents only? If we start inventing restrictions, beside the current age and citizenship, where do we stop? Everyone has an interest in having the vote go their own way, but we don't get to tilt the table in our favor.

  • It isn't a law.

    No one has made a law saying that only educated people should vote. If you say yes and there wasn't a specific age, you would be saying it would be OK for a kindergartner to vote! We can't have that. Plus that is totally unfair because 14% of adults in the US are illiterate, or they can't read to well, so if that ever does happen, where only the educated can vote, you just lost 14% pf voters. And that is bad

  • Everyone of legal age has the right to vote

    No, I do not believe that only "educated people" should be allowed to vote in elections. I say this because, what is the actual definition of educated? Is it referring to completing high school, some college hours, a college degree, etc? If only "educated people" were allowed to vote and it was based on college, then many people that just could not afford to attend college would be omitted from the voting list.

  • This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

    That is so discriminatory and ignorant. It'a just like saying a certain race can't vote. If you can't afford an education you shouldn't be denied the right to have a say in the way your government is run and therefore the life that you have. It is disgusting that people would even consider this, let alone support it.

  • Everybody should vote!

    It wouldn't be fare and i don't see why uneducated people would not be allowed to vote. It would be a bit like racism only it's about the right to vote. Plus everybody has the right to vote! Apart from prisoners. I don't think they should vote. Please like this.

  • Not a Requirement

    Last I checked, the requirements to be able to vote are pretty simple: you need to be a citizen of the country and registered to vote, meaning at least 18 years of age. A certain level of education should not be required for two reasons: it penalizes those of us who are less educated but still research the candidates and issues, and it rewards those who have an education but couldn't care less about the election the person intends to vote on!

  • no everybody has same nationaism

    every citizen of this country is responsible for the nation's growth in ever-present. Voters provide equality in nationality and difference in cost regionalism is avoided. educated people may abuse the resource. They may use their loved one on the basis of profit. uneducated people may differ from their thought they may want change. so everybody must be counted for vote.

  • Oh god no

    You raise this nation (U.S.A.) already tried that? It was called Jim Crow and if you were black, you didn't have access to proper schooling and failed the 'education' test to vote. Do you really want to go back to that? Especially with the bad education that is still forced on many minorities in the U.S.A. today?

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