• Don't have kids if you can't afford them

    This area is a bit tricky because women have a narrow fertility window. I'm assuming by educated, this means women in their mid 20s - to early 30s --> because they have had tertiary education?

    If fertility wasn't a factor at all, my personal opinion is that if you can't afford kids, you shouldn't have them. Of course this depends on your own personal finances. But kids are expensive. Baby items are expensive. Even if you received every 'item' for free, women have to leave work for a period of time to delivery the baby. Then who will raise the child? Grandparents? Or will a parent have to stop work? Childcare is expensive. Again, more money issues.

    Do what is truly BEST for the kid. If you can't afford 2 kids, then have 1. If you can't afford 1, then wait until you're in a position where you can give them a good life.

    They will not thank you, if you give them a life of poverty.

  • Yes, freeze your eggs

    For the first time in modern history, women are waiting in higher numbers before having children. A woman now has the ability to get a firm handle on her career and developing herself before having children. She is now controlling her own existence. That is true power. Women can now freeze their eggs to delay that annoying biological clock issue we all battle. Times truly have changed...for the better.

  • Each family should make the decision for themselves

    Deciding to have a baby is a personal choice and should depend upon the family's specific circumstances, not what women "should" do because of a recession or their level of education. For example, some women might have fertility issues that would prevent them from waiting out a recession for a better time to have a kid. These people should not have to give up on their ideas of a family entirely because they are trying to get pregnant in a recession. Also, there is no perfect time to get pregnant and no one is ever completely ready for a baby. If you wait for the perfect time, you'll be waiting forever.

  • No, people should do what they want.

    I think people should make their decisions about what to do with thier life based on what they want. Putting off children until after a recession is over might be the best financial decision, but it should be an individuals choice. Money is only one factor when decided whether or not to have children.

  • No, educated women do not need to postpone having children simply for fear of a recession.

    No, educated women should not postpone having children because of their fears of a recession. Having a baby is much more than simply a financial decision, and if a woman really wants to have children, they should go ahead and have them. Waiting until market conditions improve may mean that women end up forgoing being able to have children all together.

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