Should elderly drivers be required to retake the driving test at a certain age?

  • Drugs and alcohol are not the only reason for car crashes

    Most people over the age of 65 have diminished eye vision, hearing and, slow reaction time. Which is causing a lot of car crashes these days. Sure drugs, alcohol, and texting/calling while driving are the cause of car crashes but elderly can also be the cause to. So yeah they should retake both the written and driving test.

  • Elderly drivers should be required to retake the driving test at a certain age.

    Elderly drivers over a certain age can be more accident prone than teenagers. Due to all the fatal accidents caused by the elderly, I strongly think (a) driving test(s) should be mandatory. I personally wouldn't mind taking this test at all, once I am older, knowing lives will be saved by this test.

  • Safety first - always.

    Roads change, cars change, just because you were safe driver 30, 40, 50+ years ago, doesn't mean you're safe now. Just because you haven't had an accident doesn't make you a good driver. My father in law claims he hasn't had an accident in 65 years driving - it's not true, as well as the write-off accident he's had (his fault), his bumpers, and wheels are grazed badly. "I don't know how that's happened".
    Definitely retest at 70 then every 3 years. Maybe also retest younger drivers every 10 years?

  • Yes they should

    I was driving with my two friends and we had the right away when an elderly cut us off and caused us to go into the ditch due to road conditions, my friend was injured because we rolled and she had slamed against the window, therefore they need to see if they are able to drive

  • Old people are just eeww

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  • I like pie

    I like pie i like pie i like pie i like pie i like pie i like pie hi i like pie i like pie i like pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie hi hi ih hi hi pie pie pie the elderly should be required to retake the drivers test

  • Not used for attacking

    I believe the elderly around a certain age should retest to make sure their health is in check, and their security as well as others. If they are capable of driving successfully, they should keep their license. But if they aren't capable or have any sort of trouble, I believe it's the best for them and others to not drive as often. Pus, it might catch any other health risks while doing other activities.

  • Yes they should

    There eye sight will be getting worse aswell as the road awareness and reaction time a man hit a 15 yer old and didnt even notice untill it came on the new the next day the 15 year old sufferd sever injuries. In 2020 there will be a 50% increase of drivers at the age of 50 an dolder according to the brittish govournment

  • Medical conditions could cause injuries

    Imagine an older woman has been going blind for the last few months, but no one but her knows about it. Finally she decides to get in the car and drive to the doctor, but she can't see. She is cruising along trying so hard to drive safely, but she has no vision and crashes into a man. Someone may die just because you don't want to bring your grandma into take a drivers test!

  • Older Woman Crashes Into Restaurant

    The last two times I saw such a headline, I knew nothing would happen to the driver if he/she was elderly, and I was correct. The old lady who ran into a Red Lobster "wasn't charged, because it was an accident", according to the article. Yet in a similar story where the driver was 19 years old, he was handcuffed and given a sobriety test before being taken away by the cops. Why the disparate reaction? Did the young guy not also have an ACCIDENT, or was his crash deliberate? Hardly. Nothing happens to the old dangerous drivers because the elderly are a "protected class" by their huge lobbyist group, the AARP. Similar stories like these are all over the country. Time to hold the elderly accountable for their poor reaction, sight, hearing, AND memory! (My grandma had Alzheimer's for almost a decade, wouldn't turn over her license, so we finally sold her car.)

  • Not unless they are involved in an accident for which they are to blame

    Having passed my driving test at eighteen I have been driving for sixty five years covering many thousands of miles. I have had two accidents in that time neither of which were my fault, one was fifty years , the other three years ago. One ran into the back of me at a traffic light the other ran into me from a side road. The other drivers should retake the test - not me . Your accident record should be the judge of your ability to drive not your age.

  • The elderly drivers should not be required to retake the driving test at a certain age.

    The elderly drivers should not be required to retake the driving test at a certain age. There is no point in them having to repeat the driving test. What do you want them to be able to prove? I always thought that if they system was not broke then do not try to fix it.

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