Should elderly people be taken care of by the government?

  • Government Needs to HELP Support Elderly

    While the government shouldn't support the elderly 100%, the government does need to help support this segment of the population. Fortunately, social security payments help support this goal, and individuals need to pay into the system in order to receive payments. The elderly can't work forever, and they shouldn't be expected to do so.

  • The Gov't should step in

    When it comes to the elderly being taken care of, if they have no one else to look after them and do in fact require a lot of attention, I do feel the Government should step in and give them the care they need and deserve. As much as possible.

  • Elderly people be taken care of by the government.

    A lot of countries provide support for the retired. It is natural for governments to provide some kind of health care or pension fund for the elderly. Old people generally vote, so it's important for politicians to enact programs that will support them in their old age. Otherwise, these politicians will lose votes.

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  • Yes they should be taken care of the government

    They sometimes can't take care of them selves and need someone to take care of them and the government is the perfect person to do it so it think yes so they say the government is good i want the government should take care of them for the rest of their life and their days

  • The government cares about a lot of people

    The government is caring about a lot of people and the elderly are people of the country. We pay tax's and the government uses some of the tax money to pay retirement homes that the owners of the retirement homes can pay for the elderly's food water and keeping them safe. So the government should care for the elderly

  • No, elderly people should not be taken care of by the government.

    No, elderly people should not be taken care of by the government. First of all I do not think that it's the governments job to take care of the elderly, that should be left up to the elderly persons family and friends. And most of all the government just doesn't have the money to care for every elderly person in the country.

  • Why wouldn't you look after your own?

    People should look after their own parents - what's wrong with everyone??? Why would anyone shove a parent in a home where they aren't properly looked after, I can't wait to move mine and my husbands parents in as and when they need it- hopefully the kids will have all flown the nest by then but if not then the more the merrier I say

  • They should be helped but not taken care of

    Elderly people should be helped by the government in making sure they have an opportunity to get what they need but the government should draw the line somewhere and not just take care of them. If the government took care of the elderly there would be no one saving for retirement or planning ahead.

  • No, they have families.

    No, elderly people should not be taken care of by the government, because that reduces the need for family. Younger people should care for their parents and grandparents. Knowing that they can just put old people in a home and not have to pay for it takes away from the abilities and responsibilities of families to take care of their own.

  • The Elderly need a Family's Touch

    I strongly feel that many of the elderly today that still have children who are alive and well should be taken care of by the children that initially left them in the senior homes. If there are elderly people that have no offspring, there are senior homes available and the government pays them with funds for retirement and medicare to enable the elderly to continue their lives. The government has done enough for them already by providing for them financially so it shouldn't be required by the government to continue to go above and beyond to take care of them. It is ultimately the responsibility of the sons and daughters to take the elderly into their homes and care for them until they pass from this world; this will liven up the family home and the elderly themselves.

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