• I think old people are cool.

    I have never seen an old person cause an accident. What's the support for the claim that they lose their mental faculties? 82% of old people drive the way they eat and that is carefully and methodically. 20% of old people drive fast, and that just gets the there quicker.

  • No,they are more likely to get in a car crash

    Drivers aged 75 years or older have a higher risk (per distance traveled) of being killed in a car crash than any other age group. In a study released by highway traffic safety administration in 2009, statistic shows that 16% of traffic fatalities were among people age 65 and older. According to a Carnigie Mellon university study, "The facility rate for drivers 75 and older is four times higher than it is for teenagers who are usually pegged as our most reckless drivers." this proves that there are more risks in elderly people and that they are dangerous on the road. Therefore they are more likely to get involved in a vehicle crash.

  • They should drive !

    Elderly or not, if they're capable of driving then why not? Most driving accidents involve young adults and teenagers. Should they not be allowed to drive either? It's an issue of experience and maturity in their case and an issue of physical ability in the case of elderly drivers. Not all old people should be allowed to drive but at the same time not all young people should be allowed on the road, either.

  • Age is not the Issue

    There is no magical age at witch the elderly can not drive beaus ability deteriorates at different rates for different people. Imposing a rigid maximum age is to inflexible. A more flexible means is to administer regular retests to drivers over a certain age and require a retest if an individual is in a fate accident or two to three with in a years time. There is no magical age at witch the elderly can not drive beaus ability deteriorates at different rates for different people.

  • Age isn't the Issue

    In general old people are less likely to cause accidents than young people. They frequently go to the Doctors office and are checked for eyesight, hearing etc. Also elderly people rarely drive recklessly but rather they drive slower and driving slower is not unsafe unless it's taken to an extreme.Put yourself in there shoes and imagine if you were that age and you were forced to have your drivers license taken away. I don't think we would be to happy either because we would needed to be transported everywhere we were going.They also have much experience when it comes to driving and so if they are going to the doctors office frequently its completely fine if they are on the road.

  • Age isn't the problem.

    Elderly or not, if they're capable of driving then why not? Most driving accidents involve young adults and teenagers. Should they not be allowed to drive either? It's an issue of experience and maturity in their case and an issue of physical ability in the case of elderly drivers. Not all old people should be allowed to drive but at the same time not all young people should be allowed on the road, either. Our society as a whole is growing older and the average age is rising. Age isn't the problem and we shouldn't take away the independence of the elderly because of common stereotypes that they're incapable, weak, and just too old. In the future when we all live past 100 this argument will be obsolete.

  • It's not age...........

    In most cases, it is the person's physical capacity that should be tested not just on age but physical ability. There are young people in their teens who shouldn't be driving. They scare me more than elderly drivers sometimes because of their reckless and lack of proper training and experience.

    However, if a person is to the point where they need mobility equipment to walk then this is getting to the point of inability to drive also. A few weeks ago I was in a restaurant in the early afternoon with family. An elderly man who could barely walk with the help of a quad (four legged) cane was barely working. He had a set of keys attached to his belt. He was also shaking very badly which meant his gait was weak. I am a former nurse aide with specialized training interacting with Alzheimer patients. I am also a trained medical assistant. I had to quit work because of a torn rotator cuff about 6 years ago. If a person can barely balance themselves and need mobility tools then they need tested by the state or state doctor to be allowed to drive. I am not basing this on an age. I am basing my "yes" on the individual person and just not a number correlating to their age. I have a family friend who father in nearly 90 and can drive better than some people in the their 30s. He is still mentally sharp, good motor skills, eyesight, and hearing. He is still very safe and capable of driving. However, if a person who can barely walk and shuffles their feet, then I would draw the line and take away the keys and their driving privilege. They do not have the dexterity to operate a 26K car.

    Most people have children or friends to help them get around. Some don't have any family at all and still try to drive just to get groceries. There needs to be either government help or better transportation for the older elderly. Just because a person reaches 60 doesn't mean it's necessary to take away their privileges. Each person should be tested yes, but tested fairly on physical ability and not just their numbered age.

  • The elderly should drive

    They should be allowed to drive because it gives them a sense of independence. They need help with everything and driving is particularly one thing they can do on their own to get to and from places. I think that if they want to drive they have to go to an eye doctor every month or so, mandated by law, and get their eyes checked out. But if the eye doctor says that their eyes are going bad than they need to inform the DMV and arrange other means of transportation.

  • I believe that elderly people should not be able to drive.

    They should not be able to drive because they lack good eyesight, good hearing and good reflexes. Most elderly people take medications which are known to impair driving greatly. They cause many accidents by forgetting to put their blinker on, mistaking turns, and not seeing passengers on the street.

  • Yes, if they can pass an annual test.

    Skills can decline fairly rapidly among the elderly, so they should have to pass a test every year in order to renew their license. They should recognize that this is for the safety of others and for themselves as well. After teens, old people are the next most dangerous set of drivers.

  • Elderly can die at any second!

    Anyone can die on any second but elderly have a 70% death probability since they're old, they should have their own little bus that drives them around. Imagine that your in the freeway and an elder had a heart attack all the sudden! Its too dangerous for them and us to drive.

  • Please NO , if the 83 year old that hit me on the freeway had been more responsible id be able to walk.

    I was the passenger on the freeway side swiped when a senior changed lanes and hit the passenger door, AKA my door at 65 mph. She told the CHP she didnt see us. Fiasco, not to mention the sad sad method of abuse someone not at fault gets from insurance companies. AAA. I wonder how many others she has hurt?
    As we get older our responses are slower, vision is compromised, medications taken also have reactions. She was to wear glass alot of good an exam is worth, when she didnt have them on.

  • Elderly driving should be regulated

    I was just in a bad accident where the culprit was an elderly woman of the age of 77. She t-boned me while making a left turn when traffic was not clear. This and many accidents could be avoided if elderly driving was better regulated by the State. Their reaction time gets slower over time and they can't think and make fast decisions in a clear and safe manner!

  • Besides reaction time...

    Elderly sometimes confuse the gas for the breaks and that can cause accidents. There are also some people who could get a stroke or heart attack while driving and do major damage. Also, there are some elders who drive to slow and some drive to fast and it's not safe.

  • The elderly shouldn't be allowed to be on the roads after the age of 70.

    The reasoning behind my theory is to try and keep the roads as safe as we possibly can. I'm not say all elderly but most drive under the speed limit. It may sound funny but its a serious matter. Also there health is diminishing. There reaction time is lowered as there age increases.

  • They Should Not Be Able To Drive.

    To keep the streets safer because elderly people don't all have good awareness. They should at least take a physical after the age of 70 to see if there able to drive or not. So no i don't think they should drive without taking a physical. There brain takes longer to know what is going on as well.

  • Elderly people should not drive

    Elderly people should not drive because as you become older your reaction time and the time it takes you to process what's going on around you. This makes it more dangerous for older people to drive because they wont be able to react in times. That's why I think elderly people should not drive.

  • Elderly People Shouldn't Drive.

    The states need to pass a law saying anyone over the age of sixty-five should go for yearly driving tests. Once a year they should have to go to their nearest DMV and take a regulated driving test with an instructor. Many seniors deal with memory loss, losing their hearing, eye sight, and decreasing reaction time. Also elderly who deal with any form of illness that may lower their ability to do regular tasks should be tested yearly.
    This is not to make these individuals lose their freedom, but to protect other people. While young drivers are dangerous they are dangerous because they are risky, elderly are not as aware of the dangers they put themselves and others into every time they get on the road. Doing a yearly driving test would still give the elderly who are capable of driving the ability to drive, and for those who are not we could create more jobs by making more shuttle buses available for those unable to drive.

  • Age is issue

    In the aging process your body and mind functions change, often without the older person admitting or comprehending the changes due to memory issues etc. It is a huge burden on family members to address the potential problems and the government should be responsible by having simple steps in place i.E medical tests, hearing, eyesight etc for the older driver to be proven capable to hold a license. If you are fine to drive the testing process should not be an issue

  • Every time someone drives in to a building, ei. Walgreens CVS, they're elderly.

    Nothing scares me more than having to share the road with these elderly drivers, teens are perfect drivers in comparison and we all know how bad teens can be. They drive into things and down the wrong side of the road more often than not. Every time there's a major accident in my area it's ALWAYS been an elderly pain at fault.

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