Should Elderly People pay for public transport

Asked by: sball1
  • Rush Hours shoul not be free

    I think during rush hours public transportation should not be free for the elderly as the people WHO leave work are extremely exhausted. However, retired people can travel in any other part of the day.Therefore, It would be a better solution to make them pay only during rush hours in order to releive the tension of public transportation.

  • It helps the elderly as well as business owners

    There are many types of transportation that elderly people can get if they can't drive (buses, taxis, personal services, etc). So making them free would deter the people who run the transportation services. I've already done a debate with the instigator of this opinion on this topic, if anybody needs further information.


  • I think no

    They cannot drive because of eyesight, reaction time, arthritis, hearing and more. They need transportation for getting medicine, or pills from doctors and they can't do that without transportation. They don't have jobs anymore and all they have is a pension which won't get them a lot of bus rides

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