Should elementary schools be required to serve nutritious food to children to prevent later incidence of Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Healthier school lunch increases children´s ability to learn, not only does it prevent chances of t.2 diabetes

    Healthier school lunch improves the way the children´s brains function. With healthier school lunch they are also more attentive when they don´t lack of energy in the later lessons. With better attention ability, and with their brains performing better it will be easier for the children to learn. Improved level of learning of the children´s of today will have a delayed impact on how the world could be improved. Also serving healthier food will be more economical for the society -not only in one country, but also globally when WHO and other organizations wouldn´t have to bust so much in order to remain the mankind under a health check so they wouldn´t have to use so much money on their campaigns etc.

  • Nutrition effects education.

    Kids are in school to learn, and they can not absorb information properly if they do not have the nutrients in their bodies to do so. It effects their growth and educational capabilities. Children deserve to be guided to the best possible path and by not providing their body and brain the nutrients it needs to function properly, we are limiting their potential!!!

  • Too Hypocritical to Do Otherwise

    In elementary school, we've all come home with pamphlets about eating healthier and bringing in healthy snacks. We're all encouraged to get exercise, eat right, and make sure we're ready for learning (since obviously nutrition helps our mental and physical growth). However, when we go to school, we're faced with options of greasy pizza and cheap "chicken" nuggets. It's disgusting and has no value whatsoever. No one likes the food, they just eat it because they're hungry and that's all they get. So many kids have only two little cookies for lunch because the other stuff is just... Gross. If kids don't want to eat that food, all they have to do is pack their own lunch. But for those kids who can't pack something good (to them) to eat, why force them to eat junk that does nothing for them? It's honestly just cruel. This isn't something about "freedom", this is something about giving kids what more often than not is their only meal of the day due to financial issues, and making it count.

  • Schools should be required to serve nutritious food to children.

    Obesity is a huge problem in America. So why can't schools put a bit more effort into making children healthier? The first lady and many people have been trying to solve this problem. Healthier food means a smarter school. America is not the top in education anymore according to recent surveys. I am a kid and it doesn't matter if the children don't like it. You live a longer and healthier life. Our country needs to act and many children buy lunch, so why take the time to lose weight unnaturally when you can eat good natural healthy food? I am a vegetarian from birth and I usually eat healthy. Once in a while junk food is fine but for everyday lunch, no way! So I hope people actually consider this important question wisely.

  • I agree that elementary schools should be required to serve nutritious food to children; since many children get a majority of their meals from the school district, those meals should help reduce Type 2 Diabetes and childhood obesity.

    All elementary schools, and secondary schools as well, should be serving nutritious meals as an education on how to live a healthier lifestyle and to assist in the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and other childhood obesity related issues. The elementary years are when the body does most of its growing and when children form the basis of their life-long eating habits.

    Posted by: G4rwIsdead
  • Schools should be required to serve healthy and nutritious food to children because it is the right thing to do, not just to prevent Diabetes Type 2.

    Children need nutritious healthy food to curb behavioral problems and to learn with the best of their ability. Schools have the responsibility to serve nutritious food in order to keep the children healthy and alleviate problems at school. It also builds healthier adults and helps society avoid economic problems from sickly children and adults. It is not good to let big corporations decide what children should eat.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • Yes, elementary schools should to be required to serve nutritious food to children to prevent type 2 diabetes, because it influences a healthier lifestyle.

    Yes, elementary schools should to be required to serve nutritious food to children to prevent type 2 diabetes, because it influences a healthier lifestyle. If we give children nutritious food while they are young, their bodies will get used to it and react negatively towards "junk" food. Plus, children see their schools as a responsible place, so by setting this example of healthy eating, it will help them in the future.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • Schools should be required to serve nutritious food to children, because this will help prevent the widespread obesity that we currently have in our country.

    The government should support healthy eating habits by requiring that schools serve nutritious food to children. With the amount of video games, television shows and unhealthy food being forced upon today's youth, it is no surprise that this generation has one of the highest percentages of obese and overweight children that the world has ever seen. Obesity and its associated diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, can lead to a less productive workforce and a population with many more medical needs. This can harm our economy, and is also worse for the people who have been fed unhealthy food.

    Posted by: NormalNathanial89
  • I think all schools, not just elementary schools, should serve healthier food to kids to prevent a variety of health problems.

    I think all schools, not just elementary schools, should serve healthier food to kids to prevent a variety of health problems that are not limited to Type 2 Diabetes. I find it atrocious the types of unhealthy food that is served in our schools. Some children I have babysat for will barley eat a fruit or vegetable, and seem to exist on only chicken nuggets and McDonald's. This is not a good sign for the future health of our country.

    Posted by: TickoCa22
  • I agree that elementary schools should be required to serve nutritious food to children, because this will instill better dietary habits in children, and prevent them from developing diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.

    Levels of childhood obesity in America today are much too high. As children are getting one, maybe two, meals from their schools, we need to be ensured that these meals are healthy and nutritious to prevent childhood obesity, and ensure the wellness of elementary children and their health.

    Posted by: 5hinyIsto
  • Its their fault

    No because if they get big it is their fault along with their parents fault for letting their child eat the food in the first place. If schools are so worried then they shouldn't have started with the junk food in the first place. Therefore it is their own faults .

  • Its not the schools problem

    If you serve kids healthier foods that like telling them they are fat and thats not right . Schools should not be worried about what kids eat or if they are over weight or not. If you send kids that type of message they wont feel good about themselves at all

  • Not all junk food is bad

    Junk food in excess is bad, but some foods like chocolate contain a rich amount of flavnoids, which help with a healthy heart. Also, they should eat more healthy foods than junk foods, but a little junk food is not bad and can even help you. If schools serve junk foods too they should limit the amount of it.

  • Freedom to choose

    Kids should be free to choose what they want to eat. I know since my school started serving the more "healthy" lunches, less kids choose to eat lunch now than before. Since a lot of kids do not eat lunch, it lowers performance in school. In my opinion it is better to eat something, healthy or not, than to go hungry the rest of the day. Everyone should have a choice in what they eat.

  • Schoold dinners are horrible!

    I have only ever once had a school dinner. It taseted absolutely horrible. Kids should be able to choose their one food. If they dont like it, they wont eat it! Then they would starve and die. Thats why we need to get a little bit of sugar in them.

  • School lunches are like eating jail food!

    I'm not even sure what the burgers are made out of, the pizza tastes like cheese on cardboard, and the tater tots are probably the cheapest things you can get at the super market. So I think this proves schools should not serve school lunches in the cafeterias. No school lunches!

  • They should not.

    Elementary schools should not be required to server nutritious food to kids to prevent later incidence of Type 2 Diabetes. It should not be up to the schools to ensure that kids get the proper nutrition, it needs be left up to the parent. Parents can send their kids to school with a packed lunch that is healthy.

  • Won't fix anything

    If you try to serve healthy food, they'll bring lunch with junk food in it. It's their choice what to eat, so even if you serve better foods they won't buy it unless they want to. It's good intentions, but won't work. At the end of the day, if someone doesn't want to do something, they won't; like eating foods.

  • Freedom to eat what we like

    In the constitution it states that the government should not be allowed to intrude on peoples personal life. It may cause diabetes but a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged rather than forced upon people. Also not all people require the same nutrition. There is a maximum amount of calories per meal but the amount of calories required for each person differs.

  • No, because parents should be responsible for the health and nutrition of their children, not schools.

    If I want my children to be healthy, then I have to take responsibility for that effort myself. I can ask my children's school to help me with that if I want, but I see no reason to force them to serve a certain type of food for my purposes. The best way to teach and raise children properly in all aspects of life is by doing it yourself, not by allowing schools and society to do it for you by force.

    Posted by: MariaR

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