Should Emmy-winning CBS news producer Charles Beau Menefee be blacklisted by news media?

  • Yes, he should be blacklisted.

    Winning an award does not excuse his behavior. His racist rant not only shows what a horrible, racist person he is, but also makes it clear that he is not able to be fair and impartial, something that is required of journalists. He should be blacklisted and reputable news outlets should refuse to associate with him.

  • Yes, since he did not behave in a professional manner he'll likely get blacklisted, and rightfully so.

    Yes, Menefee was extremely unprofessional. This is not acceptable in journalism. Since he's violated his responsibility to report in a fair, unbiased manner, and since he's resorted to immature behavior and, even worse, hate speech, he has given up his right to report for reputable news agencies and will be blacklisted.

  • Charles Beau Menefee needs to be blacklisted

    Charles Beau Menefee was fired from his position as a news producer on CBS for making racist, violent posts on Facebook about individuals involved with the Black Lives Matter movement. This is horrific behavior that should not be tolerated in the least. I think that by blacklisting him, the media sends the signal that they will not tolerate such behavior.

  • No, Blacklisting Not an Option

    I do not think that blacklisting a person is ever a good idea. Charles Beau Menefee may have said some unpopular things on social media, but everyone makes mistakes. No, he should not have said what he did on social media, but everyone has a slip up now and then. People say things that cross the line when they are frustrated, and those protesters were frustrating people. No one should be blacklisted over something like that, though. Again, no one is perfect. Charles will just have to earn each future job on merit, rather than reputation. Like everyone else.

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