• Yes they should.

    Endangered animals should be protected. Most of the time, an animal is almost extinct is because of something that humans have done. So because of this, it is our duty to protect them and help them get back to a healthy population. This will ensure that they will not go extinct.

  • Yes they should

    Endangered species should be protected simply because it is the right thing to do. It is wrong that due to our expansion and needs that we wipe out and entire species. Our world is full of diversity and that is great. Howver, we shouldn't lessen that due to our needs.

  • Within limits, yes.

    As the primary exploiters of natural resources on this planet, it should be our responsibility to be the caretakers of the creatures we displace or endanger. Whenever there is a chance for us to save a species, and if that chance does not have a significant impact on human well-being, we should do so.

  • Help those animals

    They need help they are just little animals that need help I am not a fan of zoos but the need to be protected. If we all stand up we can work together and they will all be safe it's not bad we're just helping them. Help save the endangered!!!!

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  • I think that Endangered species should be protected

    If the government works so hard to protect human why not protect endangered species. I bet if humans became endangered { which I don't think would happen} the government would protect us so much so we would not go extinct but some countries don't try to protect endangered species. I think endangered species should be protected

  • Yes, all species have value.

    Yes, endangered animals should be protected, because they might be of some value in the future. Endangered animals should not be allowed to become extinct, because once they are extinct they can never come back. We will never know what value to the ecosystem will be lost with each species that is allowed to go extinct.

  • Endangered animals should be protected and those who hunt them prosecuted

    Endangered animal populations should be safeguarded. Loss of a species is something that should be avoided. Humans have no right to eliminate a species through greed or development. Our children should be able to observe live tigers, whales, gorillas, and so many other threatened species. We are sharing this planet with the animals and plants and should do as much as possible to protect them.

  • They can go die

    No they can go die like noone needs them and all that other stuff about them what more can we do to stop the illegal poachers plus i hate animals they can go die i dont have any animals i dont need any so leave me be ok stop askin gfor money and donatians leeve peoples money alone!

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