• Why I say yes

    . 375 million use it as a first language and it’s the main language in 75 countries.
    . That 75% of the world’s information is in English
    . The second largest in the world as an official language
    . The second largest in the world as an official language
    . 56% of the Internet is in English.
    . 80% of information is stored in English.
    . 1.5 billion people speak English already
    . Over 50 large countries in the world use English
    . English is spoken in 105 countries and is the official language in 83 countries.

  • Yes, English should be the official world language.

    We need a language in common for communication, trading,
    and traveling. English is the most taught and most used language in business, as well as the Internet, and the second most spoken language and very easy to learn.
    56% of the Internet is in English.
    80% of information is stored in English.
    1.5 billion people speak English (native and second language).
    Over 50 large countries in the world use English; it makes communication easier.
    It’s the language that the leading businesses use.
    For many, many years English has been a widely-spoken language in the
    world, in every country, in every school, and most people are aware of
    the language. It’s a valuable language. We believe that English should
    be the official language. If one thinks about the numbers, North America
    is taught English; South America is taught Spanish, which is extremely similar to English. English is extremely similar to many European languages, and so they are easy to teach English to. Most big businesses use English to trade and communicate with other companies. It is the easiest to write, learn, and read which makes it easier to communicate. It is also the top business language and all growing economies use it.

    We will still keep our language, our culture, and the diversity of the different languages that keep the earth special. English is already taught in many countries, for communication purposes, and for making traveling easier. It would make it easier for the world to work together and advance
    different fields of learning.
    It is already the top business language, most popular on the Internet, government, and spoken.
    English is spoken in 105 countries and is the official language in 83 countries.
    English is the second largest in the world as an official language but when you count all the places it’s taught it’s the #1 language in the world. It can foster more international understanding.
    At some point in their life most people come across English. The good communication is due to English and the fact that 75% of the world’s information is in English which makes it easier. With good communication in the business world, the world has a better economy, and so it’s already the top business language. 375 million use it as a first language and it’s the main language in 75 countries.

  • It is the best

    I find that the English language is much better in forming sentences than my own language.
    Also almost the whole internet is made out of English so why not make it that language. This would solve a lot of problems in the world. Everyone would understand each other, no need for a talk. You can go anywhere you want without learning a new language. More time in schools for other lessons because there is no need for another language to be taught anymore. (Maybe people who want to specialize in language history will be able to follow this). And the most important one. We would be more united. Btw I am not English just pointing that out. Or they should find something like translator microbes like in Farscape.

  • English should be the global language

    Considering everything on the Internet is around 56% in English and many people in the world already speak English it would only be logical for people to just stop being different, it is not people just disrespecting other cultures it is just moving forward in the modern world and being able to make everything so much easier

  • Already Well On Its Way

    Yes, English should be the world language. Foreign investments are a way of life and more and more financial transactions are conducted in English. Businessmen would prefer to conduct their transactions directly rather than rely on interpreters. Many U.S. companies have moved their production facilities to other countries. Large numbers of Asians are attending college in the United States. All of these circumstances have served to increase the use of the English language. It is already well on its way to becoming the world language.

  • English is easier than other modern languages.

    English is currently the first widely spoken language in all corners of the world. In addition, it is easier than the rest. So, making English the only official international language saves our age and increases productivity because studying languages has an opportunity cost of taking our dear age that we can use for other invention, innovation and discovery.
    If we have one common and easy world language, English, why do we spend our age? Inventing something is useful for mankind and for the inventor himself/herself. But being multilingual does not have benefit for mankind .

  • Yes english should be the global language

    Nowdays in the world there are so many different languages,like spanish,turkish,chineese etc.On the internate when we want to search something we have to write in english you can write in your own language what you want to search but the result will come in english.In school of south Asia,USA and Australia we learn english language not any other language.This is the secound reason why english should be the global language.It is very easy to communicate with each other english language.IN THE 70% People speaks English

  • Many people use english

    English is well known and is taught in many schools. I don't see why it'd be much of a problem. It would be a very good benefit for all. I understand why some people might disagree, but this is about making every human being a little step closer to each other.

  • English should be mandatory

    It very simple to understand our 21 century is wholly depend upon English education. It is used in most of the offices and many of the schools. In some country only English is valuable for everything and dependent upon that. It must be the principal and must be known to others.

  • English Should Be The World Language

    English is already the most spoken language nowadays and many scientists record their ideas in English. English is an easy language, as basics you can just learn simple sentences and seriously people what language are you using now, I'm sure almost 76% of the world understand. I'm not saying remove the their languages but for business use I say English is the best.

  • How can this be justified

    I don't think coming out and saying "hey all you other countries with your unique histories and cultures, guess what, you're speaking English now" would go over very well. There are so many factors that make this implausible but they barely warrant discussion because the possibility of this dies with "people won't want to" before you even get into the headaches of getting it to work.

  • Why taking away diversity ?

    We need diversity to develop so we are the ones who some how make these diversities we are known by our nationality,traditions and our culture and all these things come from our language so if we have English as our global language then nothing new is going to come to us.We are who we are and we are not going to let some one change it.

  • English will be a Co-language

    It is entirely possible that English could become (and is in many instances) the language of world politics and trade. However, culture needs to be taken into account. Sure, the culture of the world is becoming more homogeneous, but that doesn't stop people from England, Texas, and Hawaii from being different. It just means that more people have things in common. I find it very hard to believe that people, with a heritage of being "different" would give up that difference without a fight. Look at the Cold War or even WWII. Countries that were taken over by other countries didn't lose their identity. In fact, many of the countries had corresponding spikes in their national identity in reaction to aggression. Therefore, as long as there is a threat of invasion or if there is competition between countries and cultures, other languages will continue to thrive. Until people quit wanting to be special, English will not become the world language. It may become the language of global transaction, but it will not become the one-and-only, high-flying language.

    Besides, there are too many hipsters out there for the norm to stay the norm anyways.

  • It's too dificult

    The problem with English is that there are too many rules and exceptions to the language. Pronunciation is usually not inconsistent with the spelling of the word ,even when removing the dialect aspect of every language. A language with a phonetic alphabet, be consistent, systematic and as far as numbers go, most places in the world, even japan, use the same numbers that are used in english.

  • Language is culture.

    Many cultures are deeply rooted in language. If we tell the world that English is the global language then we are essentially telling the world. "You are different from me and I don't like it. Be like me." Also English is an incredibly difficult language to learn the basics of, never mind speak it fluently.

    Posted by: Myu
  • Diversity is Important

    Making English the global language would never work. One of the things that makes human is our culture. Many people's language is the basis of their culture. Taking away their language is essentially telling them "You're different and we don't like it. Be like us." Also English is an incredibly difficult language to learn so even if it did become the global language many would only learn the basics ex (hi, bye, no, & yes). I don't like to generalize, but i assume many of the people on the yes side have never attempted to learn another language or are xenophobic.

  • English? One language?

    No. English should not be a leading language as it is not the most popular language. Yes some people will say that it is an easy language to learn but I don't think that if you go out and say "Hey all of you are gong to speak English as a permanent language" I don't think that would go down very well! I'm Swedish so I could say that why don't we all speak Swedish? It's the same argument for every country in the world that has it's own language.

  • It's Not Traditiional

    Here's the dealio, The United States of America is a country that is historically built on immigrants. Since Columbus in 1492, immigrants have been flooding the US, bringing in their own cultures and languages. Even today, America have been experiencing an immigration wave from Mexico. So should English be the official language of the US? No, its not the American way. Live Long Obama!

  • Disgrace to cultures, kids, countries, etc.

    I don't tink english should be a world language because it is a disgrace to the other languages. As you know, language describes our culture and our country. I know many families that came to America 4 or 5 years ago that spoke Tibetan very well but now, all they Speak is English everywhere they go. Parents stiil may speak the language they were born with but think about their kids. They're going to grow in a community where everyone is speaking english and they're going to get influence by it. It is also important to be bilingual, trilingual, etc. I'm a 7th grader who is proud to call herself a Tibetan because I know English and Tibetan, a bilingual.

  • How would you like it?

    Although it would be easier to communicate with people of other nationalities, LANGUAGE is part of our cultures!! I think that you must see this argument in multiple perspectives. Let's say that you speak YOUR language from YOUR country and YOUR culture, and only that. Would you like to learn a whole new language, a language that is known as the most difficult language to learn because it has so many slangs and complicated word forms (such as homophones)? Probably not.

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