• Students showing dedication

    Students have their own way of showing their dedication and commitment to one thing, and i do not think making them take the entrance test will drag them down if they do not get in the university they want to. I also don't thing intelligence is measured with your IQ.

  • I agree that entrance exam should be abolished

    I could catch hold of so many students giving up their life in newspapers just because of an unsuccessful attempt in the exam not only that they think that they stand nowhere in this competitive world but also start loosing their self efficacy and it seems like that just an entrance exam decide their life

  • The museum shows

    The author thinks he has to a more sensitive and professional story that has an important role to be learned and that is a surprising way of life he is an author of all science and professional science science and professional development of nature science vocabulary science science vocabulary is not an issue of nature that he was an archaeologist and a very professional professional and author he also

  • Entrance exams should be scrapped as a sole source for determining admission.

    Although entrance exams can sometimes be a good indicator of how well a student will perform in school, they should not be the only or primary indicator. Some very capable students do not perform well on standardized tests. For this reason, entrance exams should be used in combination with other factors to determine whether students should be admitted to a school.

  • I do not think that entrance exams should be scrapped.

    I do not think that entrance exams should be scrapped. They are a good way to test if a person is a viable candidate for a lot of programs, be it jobs, or entrance into school. Scrapping entrance exams is just taking away a way for institutions to vet cadidates.

  • No they are helpful.

    Entrance exams are helpful to get a really clear idea about the intelligence a student has. It's hard to go by grade because each school and each state have varying differences in how they grade and their academic rigorousness. Entrance exams help for colleges to figure out who they want.

  • No, some people can't cut it.

    No, entrance exams should not be scrapped, because it is a good way to prevent students that do not belong in the program from getting in. An entrance exam is a good equalizer, because all high school or college grades are not created the same. Only the best and brightest should become doctors or lawyers. Entrance exams are important.

  • Exams show where the student stands

    Entrance exams help the college know where to place a student before the student is ever enrolled. This helps keep the student out of classes that they are not prepared for and also out of classes that they are too smart for. Putting the student in either of these classes will not help the student or the college. By completing entrance exams the college can make sure the student is where they need to be in order to get the best education possible.

  • Entrance exams are vital.

    Some schools are better than others. And some students are more exceptional than others. It only makes sense for the better schools to seek out the exceptional students, and the most efficient way to do this is through entrance exams. No, it's not fair. But life isn't fair, either. Put on your big girl pants, build a bridge, and get over it.

  • Lets keep entrance exam

    No, entrance exams should not be scrapped, because if a student does low it may want them to think twice about spending thousands of dollars at a college and then taking basic courses that they can take at a local community college for half the cost, so lets keep entrance exams.

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