• Its a sport

    I ride horses and I've been working very hard since was ten. I have learned listening skills and discipline. It has made me a better person. It is the best sport ever. I tried sports like soccer when i was little, but i never enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed riding. It should definitely be a sport

  • A traditional sport

    There are many sports in the Olympics that may not be what come to mind when the word 'sport' comes up, but that doesn't mean that they're not physically demanding, or don't require skill. Equestrian sports are ancient and well established throughout many parts of the world, and they are an equally valid member of Olympic sports.

  • A Combination of Discipline And Class

    Yes! Absolutely! I believe that Equestrian is a combination of discipline on many levels as well as showmanship. I also believe that it is all too often overlooked. I think that the ability to control an animal to the degree that Equestrians do is commendable, and should be recognized in the Olympics.

  • Not a sport

    This is not a sport because you can make a horse walk without being on it. The only difference is that you are sitting on it. The only muscles moving are the horses!!!! This should not be an Olympics sport and if it is going to be they may as well have rugby.

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