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  • It's a blatent power grab

    This Erdogan guy is crazy. He's been systematically removing his political opposition under the guise of rooting out perpetrators of the coup in Turkey. With the signing of this bill, it sends a message that to mess with him is literally a death sentence. I don't see how the rest of the world can sit by while he tightens his grip on Turkey.

  • Turkey shouldn't have a death penalty

    Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey recently announced that he would support the re-establishment of the death penalty. He should not do so - it is time for Turkey to remove the death penalty for good and show that they as a nation are committed to much more human treatment of criminals.

  • Erdogan Should Leave Death Penalty alone

    Even if one believes in the death penalty, the fact remains that Turkey would like to join the European Union. If Turkey approves the death penalty, they will not be able to join the European Union. In addition, the death penalty should seldom, if ever, be used, as evidence can be faulty and it would be tragic if someone was killed for a wrongful conviction.

  • No, he should not appove this as it will prevent Turkey from ever being part of the EU.

    The Western world needs to have Turkey as part of Europe as its location, acting as a bridge between the West and Asia, and bordering Syria, Iran and Iraq puts the country in an important strategic location. Also, reintroducing the death penalty would be a retrograde step for the country that has already been accused of human rights abuse following the recent attempted coup.

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