• Open borders has brought a lot problems to the west

    If we truly support diversity why should we allow people that persecute jews, lesbians, gays and opress women into our countries? The gay bar close to one asylum center has already closed because of non stop harassment, threats and fights. There is rampant jewish flight from the western countries, "Refugee" areas in particular.

  • What will happen if it doesn't?

    Can Europe take in AND integrate 5, 10, 15 MILLION more migrants? Or more? Or better still, mostly Muslim migrants? It might not be a politically correct way to pose the problem, but it's a fact and several countries in Europe has not fared well in integrating Muslims. Today, it's Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, tomorrow they will come from all over Africa and Asia. How many? 100, 200, 300 millions? While I can't blame them from wanting a better and safer life, both socially and financially, it's simply unbearable. It will bring about the collapse of Europe as we know it. Just think about it.

  • Yes, they are raping people.

    The fact of the matter is that rape has gone up significantly in European countries in recent years due to the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants. I am not against immigration, because we were all immigrants at one time, but people are being put in danger by immigrants from the middle east. Even if they dont stop all immigration for a few years, they should at least set a quota to how many people can move there in one year.

  • No, Europe should not close its borders to migrants.

    The countries in Europe are all free and open societies. In these egalitarian societies, it is understood that no one should be shut out, especially not based on race or ethnicity. To shut out populations of migrants is to close off your society and shut yourself in. I don't believe that doing so would fit in with the core beliefs and values of the European countries. The idea of liberty for all men should still ring true in Europe. Closing borders to people would not fall in place with "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite."

  • Europe Should Keep Borders Open

    Europe should not close its borders to migrants. There are a lot of countries that are struggling with poverty, war, and/or political unrest. Each country has a responsibility to help refugees and migrants. Migrants bring a unique perspective to the society that they migrate to. Europe has always been a cultural giant in the world and people should be able to move there from anywhere in the world.

  • Same argument here

    First off, this is more of a decision by each individual country, not the European Union. This is the same debate we have here where immigration is such a hot button issue. Do we let in the same type of people (immigrants) that founded this country or do we say enough is enough, this bar is full?

  • Keep European Borders Open

    Migration is a natural part of human life. Europe must keep borders open and enable people of all races, religions and creeds to relocate. It is the right of everyone to try to make a better life. In Europe, as in other locations, there is a need for better background checks, for more stringent application of visa limits and immediate deportation of violators. Keep borders safe, not closed.

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