Should Europe have any more Crusades into the Holy Land?

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  • People need to get along

    People need to get along - this is the pure fact which people don't really seem to understand today, at a time where immigration is easier and people are increasingly coming into contact with one another. The idea of another crusade is absurd, especially considering that it is based on religion.

  • No, it should not.

    There is no reason for crusades anymore. Crusades are an antiquated way of explaining away war and it is no longer needed. Religion should not dictate how war is performed. If governments in Europe want to have a war, then they should come up with a legitimate reason for doing so.

  • Not it shouldn't.

    I really don't think that Europe should have any more Crusades into the "Holy Land" and I am not even sure that something called the "Holy Land" exists any more. The Crusades were a violent attempt at converting the world to Christianity, specifically Catholicism. It was a blood bath for sure.

  • Most Absurd Thing I've Heard

    Of all the questions I've heard, this is probably the stupidest. If there was ever a question that shouldn't need asking, this is it. Europe has no business taking control of the Holy Land and the world doesn't need another party fighting over this tiny strip of land. This action would easily start a world war and would probably end with the death of a large portion of the world population.

  • We don't rule by force.

    No, Europe should not have any more Crusades into the Holy Land, because then the Christians are no better than the Muslims. The days where Christians and other faiths spread their religion by force is over. Christians should use love and kindness to spread the message about Jesus to other lands.

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