• Of Course!

    Yes, because doctors sometimes try to make the patient have euthanasia to get rid of them. Doctors usually try to get rid of patients because they have incurable diseases. If euthanasia was legal then patients might give up when they are fighting against a difficult disease too. By laws, killing is also illegal. And Euthanasia is just assisting on killing someone.

  • Yes!!

    I do not feel that one peson should be able to euthanasia another person just because of a illness or them wanting to die. I believe that is murder. I do feel that their should be Dr. assisted suscide. The individual that has a life ending illness can then decide if they want to end their life.

  • Definitely! Without a doubt!

    Before I get into this, I have a question to ask any person that is in favor of legalizing euthanasia: Why is suicide frowned upon, or something that is tragic, but euthanasia isn't? Take Janet for example. Janet is fifteen years old. She is extremely depressed. Her mom is dead, and her Dad is abusive. He older brother is hooked on drugs, and is far off the deep end. She hates life. No one loves her, or cares about her. Is she allowed to kill herself?

    I copied most of this from online sources mostly because I don't think you could phase it much better:
    From a religious point of view, Was the suffering of Christ meaningless? Or do we not say, "We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You, for BY YOUR HOLY CROSS You have redeemed the world."? Did He not tell His followers to embrace the cross? Do we not join our pain to His to save souls? Even from a secular viewpoint, does not suffering provide an occasion to grow in wisdom, character, and compassion? Central to their utterly false philosophy is the notion that some lives are NOT WORTH LIVING. These lives, they maintain, are more trouble than they are worth. They have too much suffering, and are too much of a burden on the resources of society. You know, if we were talking about a car, or a typewriter, or some other THING, we could say that when enough things go wrong with it, it becomes more trouble than it's worth. Repairs would be too costly, too involved. Throw it out and get a new one. But we cannot apply this mindset to HUMAN PERSONS. A person is never more trouble than he/she is worth. Notice, we do not use the pronoun "it" to refer to a human being. There's a reason for that. A person is not a "thing", an "it", an object whose value is to be calculated on some kind of economic cost/benefit analysis scale. A person is worth more than the ENTIRE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE! Ponder that. Human life is of INFINITE VALUE, and this remains true no matter how small, weak, uncommunicative, disabled, diseased, or "unproductive" (in the eyes of a materialistic, consumerist society like ours) it may be. - One thing pro-choice people should keep in mind is that euthanasia is by no means a solution to human suffering! It is evident that is only disrupts the normal pattern of life and leads towards creating a more insensitive and violent society. Life is a gift.

  • Of course yes

    Because killing yourself is illegal and isn't that what euthanasia is doing. I know one thing I definitely don't want my mom or family killing themselves because I would truly miss them. I mean think about it what if you got a cut on your leg now of course its going to hurt but you think I'm going to use euthanasia for that ridiculous

  • Needs to be legal

    People have the unalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If being alive denies them of their happiness and their liberty they should have the choice to end their own life. If you are in such insurmountable pain or suffering that nothing else can help, you should be able to put yourself at rest. When things get that bad you are just existing, not living, and you deserve the right to be in peace at last.

  • Goes Against Religious Beliefs

    Euthanasia should be illegal because it goes against religious beliefs. Many religions believe that God created us, so he is the one that should decide when we die, not ourselves or anyone else. I believe in that and therefore I am against euthanasia for various other health and religious reasons.

  • Should be illegal

    Euthanasia is an act of murder, doctors should not be getting away for killing someone. If someone is told they only have so and so days to live they should atleast try to live their life to the fullest, say bye to family and friends, and try to make the best of there time left. No one should have their life cut short when they have the chance to make it longer

  • Without a doubt , euthanasia should be illegal no matter what time and where!

    Euthanasia is basically murder, suicide and euthanasia being legal is just giving doctors a license to kill. It encourages people to end lives and spread the message life isn't worth living. It might cause vulnerable to end their lives without thinking . It also might cause some people to force their relatives into euthanasia because they want they're property.
    One last thing, if you knew your doctor practiced euthanasia, would you still trust him/her? I won't.

  • Leads to more Death

    It is a difficult one, but ultimately we must cherish life and continue to seek the means to which we don't even need to consider euthanasia. With it being illegal, it does lead to suffering in the present time... However by enabling further medical exposure to the illnesses people who are suffering at the moment, it decreases the number of people that will suffer in the future.
    Consider how far behind Cancer research would be with legalised suicide - it would lessen people's resolve to fight the disease and we would be so far behind where we are today in terms of treating it.
    The causes for euthanasia in the present day are for the most part diseases that we know very little about, and it is therefore important that we encourage people to fight now so that in the future others will not have to.

    Another important factor is the effect legalising euthanasia could have on the severely depressed. Many people have proved depression is able to be overcome, but with the legalising of assisted suicide I wonder how many more would've given up and not be able to regain happiness and fulfillment in their lives.
    There are strong arguments that do support legalising euthanasia, however I feel that our lives, and the lives of others in the future are far too valuable to give assistance to ending.

  • Miracles happen, don't give up!

    You never know exactly when you are going to die. You don't. Things happen. Miracles. They are rare, but they happen. In my opinion euthanasia is giving up, the easy way out. Why not fight. Fight for your family, pets, yourself. You could live another day. If euthanasia is legalized what will happen is doctors will urge people to get euthanized because they want the money and doctors misdiagnose people and say they have less time to live than they really do. Many children told they will never walk, end up walking. Miracles happen, and you never know anything for sure until it happens. We are better than euthanasia.

  • Why not? This is my requirement of words...

    Think about it. If you had cancer, and your doctor said you had a time of 50 days, you would probably be depressed, but you would try to live your life to the fullest. Once that time was over, you were so sick and bedridden that you felt that your life was pointless, and there was not very much to do anymore. If you were in this situation, would you choose to live on pointlessly, and just stay in the bed for the rest of your(probably short) life, or would you be a man and just accept your fate and die sooner than later? I mean, it wouldn't matter very much- you would just die in maybe another week or so. A week of doing nothing. I mean, it would really freaking suck if a cure was invented right afterwards, but that is very unlikely. So I dunno, personally I would just de sooner than later.

  • It shouldn't be legalized

    Your may say that the person is suffering but if you look at it in this way,
    people suffer all the time, whether its from falling of a bike and getting a scratch or to ending up in a hospital facing life threatening injury's, your mind is telling you to just stop the pain and be basically murdered but its not the pain that's really hurting you, its the fear of the pain you think your gonna feel, or the fear of what the doctors are telling you, but it also says in every religion that everybody has a choice in there life and there own say but choosing between death or living should never be an option.
    There for i say that euthanasia should not be legalized.

  • This debate is flawed. People in this debate are misinterpreting the question, so the figures are incorrect.

    Someone needs to change the debate to "should euthanasia in humans be legalised"

    Some people are confusing the question with the plight of euthanasia in animals and others have voted yes when clearly from their supporting argument they mean no. The question is not clear and needs to be changed. Whoever is responsible for this must realise this after reading some of the arguments. Please resubmit the debate.

  • It is against both the traditional Hypocratic Oath and modern one.

    In the traditional one, it stated that"First, do no harm." Killing a patient is harming that person. Also, if a patient is in a lot of pain, there are treatments that can be used to relieve them. Often times, even if the patient asked for euthanasia when they are hurting, they are glad that the doctor did not do what he asked for after he feels better with some remedy.

    In the modern one, it stated that "I do not play God", meaning the doctor does not have the ability to decide when a patient dies. Only God has the power to decide the birth and death of human beings. Giving the patient the power to ask for their death equals to giving the power to doctors to kill.

  • It devalues life

    Life itself is a gift from god, we or the government have no right deciding who lives and who dies! If we legalize euthanasia it will devalue everybody's life and we would have control of other people's lives. Plus life insurance wont pay in the event of suicide! Its against the hippocratic oath of doctors!

  • How is it still illegal?

    Euthanasia shouldn't even be up for debate. Why should the general public or government get to decide whether or not terminally ill people have the right to die. It is nobody's business if Bob from down the street who has been sitting in pain at the local hospital for the past few year should be allowed to die or not, why even concern yourself with the fact that he wishes to die. If it is someone close to you then you should respect and understand the fact that they don't wish to live out there last years in pain. The fact that this isn't legal is mind blowing, just the idea that there is a law saying that people don't have the right to die makes no sense. Now I'm not saying euthanasia should be legal for everyone of course there should be limitations on who should be allowed to die

  • I should be legal

    If someone is going to end up dying and will drag out their life in pain because they are suffering from a condition, they should be able to make the decision to die earlier than wait and suffer. People wont go around killing themselves if it is legal so wake up! Don't be selfish you idiots and think of other people

  • Euthanasia should not be illegal.

    Maybe regulated, but not illegal. There are so many legitimate cases of people that have incurable diseases, and mental problems. I was just reading a suicide note the other day written from someone in the Army that committed war crimes and suffered a lot of irreversible mental disorders because of it. I am pro-choice, and if I was living a nightmare day after day I would want to be put down peacefully too.

  • It's there choice

    I saw a post saying that euthanasia should be illegal because doctors offer euthanasia to get rid of patients. Okay so first of all euthanasia is allready illegal (in most countries) and suggesting that doctors want to kill there patientss of is barbaric . Euthanasia should be legal . If a dog is ill it gets put down to "put it out of its misery" or because its "the best thing to do" . Euthanasia is sometimes the best thing to do for patients who have no quality of life . It's pitting a painless end to there suffering to do. It's their body and have the right to do what hey wish with it .

  • Stop the suffering

    People are suffering in a hospital bed and they need to be put out of there misery, I don't mean to kill everyone but if its necessary and a doctor agrees with it then I don't see what's the problem with it. This was happening to someone that i loved but since it is illegal they had to suffer, but gladly that person had passed on and now there in a better place

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