Should euthanasia be legal for terminally-ill children?

  • Yes, if the child will *surely* die as a result of their illness, and other criteria are met.

    If said child is diagnosed as terminally ill, (Eg: Terminal Cancer or AIDS [Don't know how a child would get AIDS though besides through their mother/father]) the mother and father of the child both agree that this is the best option, considering the circumstances, and both parents are given polygraph based interviews to see if they either care for the child enough to let him/her go, or if they just see the kid as a nuisance (If the kid is undoubtedly unwanted, prepare those Make-A-Wish funds and a foster family.) , and psych-screenings to see if they are mentally competent enough to be making this decision, then it should be legal to euthanize a terminally ill child. The child shouldn't make this decision, but they should have the final word. "Timmy, do you want to die?" "No, but I'm in so... Much... Pain. Do it." Either way, this child dies. Very unfortunate circumstances where this would have to be carried out, but without a doubt, it (the terminal illness of a child) will happen countless times in the course of human events.

  • Yes,only if the child is terminally ill.

    If the child is terminally ill,without any hopes of a cured by doctors diagnosed and this child is suffering terribly and the parents as well as the doctor agree that euthanasia is an option,then it should be allowed to end the suffering of a child no questions ask on their decision.

  • They waste money.

    The government spends millions of dollars on taking care of mentally ill children which cannot really be treated. We must eliminate these children and use the money thay will be wasted on them to help the poor, make the economy better and in the end make a nation a great one.

  • Terminal / Fatal / Absolute

    If we as a society can have empathy to euthanize animals, then why are we so cruel to allow a person to suffer through their terminal illness?
    There is something wrong with this picture.....Terminal illness means death is soon to be that individuals reality and finality. Dying with dignity and peace is a lot better than suffering through an illness, and most likely being incoherent to the end.
    Tell me how that is a better solution and then I will change my opinions.

  • Most of all

    There are many reasons why people would undergo euthanasia, specifically those of which a doctor would diagnose and be sure of. In the event of an illness that is truly shown to be terminal in a child, they should be allowed to be legally euthanized - its the least cruel fate possible.

  • Yes, within certain conditions.

    If a parent has a terminally ill child, then he or she in conjunction with the child and the doctors should be able to order a compassionate act of euthanasia if the child is suffering. Children with this kind of diagnosis often mature very quickly and will let people know if this is desired.

  • Doctors are not always right.

    It is possible that the doctor has made a mistake.
    Also children are too young to realise a lot of things, and to get a child to decide whether they want to live or die is absolutely sickening. We need to protect children at all costs, and miracles have been known to happen.

  • That is barbaric.

    No, euthanasia should not be legal for terminally ill children, because it is inhumane for some people to decide whose life is not worth living. Terminally ill children need society's protection. They should not be discarded and murdered because they are unfortunate enough to be very ill. Children should be allowed to die with dignity.

  • Euthanasia Should Not Be Legal for Children

    No, euthanasia should not be legal for children, even if those children are terminally ill. The right to euthanasia exists only if a person is of an age where that person can truly grasp what life and death are. Children have not yet reached that age. Therefore, they lack this right.

  • Euthanasia should not be legal for terminally-ill children.

    Euthanasia should not be legal for terminally ill children.Children have not yet had a chance for self determination and can not yet judge what a good quality of life.Before euthanasia is considered they should be able to give their relevant input before a final decision is made about their potential life.

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