Should every state have a committee that oversees HOA's?

Asked by: Couchgolfer
  • All HOA's should have Statewide Supervision

    If you live in an anal HOA, you know how frustrating it can be. Especially when the HOA hires a designer that gives you 3 choices that you can paint the exterior of your house, or where you need permission to do anything on the exterior of your home: cutting down trees, building a new deck, adding shutters, changing out the windows or doors, landscaping, etc.
    For every $100 dollar mark they make you pay in fees, there should also be ammenities that you get with it that your fees pay for: either it being tennis courts, residential swimming pool, club house, playground with drinking fountains and restrooms, sidewalks, dog run area, etc.
    Statistically, HOA's and sex offenders lower property value so if you're not getting any ammenities, then no HOA fees. And lighted flowerbeds at the subdivision entrance is not an amenity.

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