• Yes they should

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  • Yes because it helps with learning

    Did you know that being physically fit doesn’t just make children healthier; it actually helps them learn more. I think all students should take gym because it helps kids stay F.I.T. Not only that but it also it fun. Because you get to play sports like soccer, basketball, doge ball, kickball, ect.

  • Knowledge is physical power.

    While I am firmly against every student being forced to participate in sport, I see no problem with making gym class a mandatory part of a child's education. Learning physical fitness is key to living a happy, healthy and long life. Learning it at a young age can help to instill life long habits as well.

  • Should not have to take gym

    It is time that you could be spending in a real class learning things to prepare you for the real world and help you get into a good college. It should still be offered, but I do not think that you should have the right to choose if you want to take it or not.

  • I don't think that every student should have to take gym

    While I understand that some form of health should be taught, I don't think that students should be forced to take gym. It seems like for some people their time could be better spent elsewhere, or spent learning about something else as opposed to performing a sport activity while at school.

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