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  • Here's a story why not:

    Once, upon a time there was a cow named Danae. In another field, there was a broccoli named Lupin. Lupin was very scared because she knew that her field would be harvested very soon. Oh no! The farmer was approaching with a hoe. He brutally murdered her. Meanwhile, Danae lived without a care in the world.
    That is why we are not vegetarian, kids!

  • Veganism is not the solution.

    I could go on about how good meat products taste, or i could talk about how the fact that veganism has become more of a cult than a diet, but instead ill say this: If you are a vegan to "save the animals" you are an idiot.
    1: the animals we eat are domesticated, aside from deer. If everyone were to stop eating the domesticated animals, there would be no use for them. No reasom for farmers to breed and take care of them. The domesticated species would go extinct.
    Farm animals are not pets, you arent gonna have a cow in your house to come run up to the door to greet you when you get home. They are born to eventually die. And their death serves the purpose of feeding humans.
    2 some people are physically incapable of doing vegetarian/vegan diets, causing sickness and pain. Nobody wants that... Unless thats your kink i mean.
    3 it would be a massive demolition of our economy, think about how many food industries there are. Now suddenly they all go out of business, its a big hit to the nations economy.

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