Should everyone have the right to change their gender whenever they want?

  • This isn't even a contest.

    It doesn't matter if I'm comfortable with it. It doesn't matter if it's a sin or not. It doesn't matter if it's unnatural, or weird, or upsetting. Humanity has been through enough shit, and they deserve to live as long as they want, be whoever they want, and live as best they can without harming others. I've had more than enough of the triggered and terrified who believe anything they're not comfortable with is an evil and an abomination. All will pass, and all will change. Your world will end, just as your grandparents', and your parents', and your children will live in their own age, not yours.
    I hope like hell it's one where they don't have to put up with the whining on the right.

  • Yes of course

    It's their gender, not yours. They should have the right to do it if they want to. People keep bringing up nuclear war scenarios, but what about a bit of realism here. If the trans community was not public and just did their changes without talking about, most of you would not even be able to recognize someone who went through the transition. You would date, marry even, people who changed sex. The only reason people are freaking out and debating is because... Like everything else in this world: people want to control what the world can and can't do. Heterosexuals want to decide if people can be gay or not. Vegans want people who eat meat to make it illegal to eat meat. The pro-life (which is more like pro-death considering the insane amount of women who would die because of health issue of doomed fetus) want women to raise children against their will.

    JUST STOP TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE FROM ANOTHER GROUP DO WHAT YOU WANT. LET GAYS MANAGE GAY ISSUES. LET WOMEN MANAGE WOMEN ISSUES. LET TRANS PEOPLE MANAGE TRANS ISSUES. Oh and stop whining about the gender pronoun and your poor little biology class which somehow is now sooooo important to you. Literally nobody gives a damn about it, including yourself. Just more excuse to be controling about things that don't concern you to any extent.

  • It is their right and their body!

    There are some people who actually have a brain "disorder" that makes them feel like they belong in the other gender. There is nothing really wrong with this. If they feel like they are supposed to be the opposite sex, why does it matter to you? It is THEIR body. NOT yours. Having someone change their gender because it is what they feel is right does not effect your live at all.

  • Nope d d

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  • It's none of your business what I do with my body.

    It's my body, and I can do to it what I want, whether I want to get a nose correction or a gender change. When you feel bad about your gender all day and people referring to you as "he" or "she" makes you want to jump off a bridge, then there's no reason for you to have to walk around with such a feeling. While yes, it requires therapeutic help, it's not something that'll be fixed with people telling you you're wrong and confused. That's the entire reason so many trans people kill themselves. Gender has never been this unchanging thing, there's Always been grey zones and people who cross from one "side" to the other. And as for the people saying there's only two genders, that's bullshit. Biologically, intersex people are an actual thing. Culturally, there are numerous examples of third genders in non-western cultures.

  • People have a right to their own bodies

    I believe anyone over 18 should be allowed to undergo sex change, after being properly informed about the risks and having been tested for other serious mental health conditions. I do not believe extreme gender dysphoria should be the only situation when this is acceptable. People have a right to do as they please with their bodies, regardless of the consequences, unless they directly hinder others from exercising their rights.

  • Why should other people decide what is best for other people?

    Many people in the united state are deciding that they don't like their gender and feel that they should be the opposite sex. For some people they feel that they should not be living a lie and let their true selves show and a lot of people are judged because of that but the people that are judging them don't truly understand why. If we had more of an understanding as to why people become transgender maybe their would be less hate in the world today.

  • Why should other people decide what is best for other people?

    Many people in the united state are deciding that they don't like their gender and feel that they should be the opposite sex. For some people they feel that they should not be living a lie and let their true selves show and a lot of people are judged because of that but the people that are judging them don't truly understand why. If we had more of an understanding as to why people become transgender maybe their would be less hate in the world today.

  • It's Their Choice

    Not to delve into the same typical argument as everyone else, but it really is "their choice". The sooner people accept that people will never stop getting gender reassignment surgery, the easier viewing this topic will be.
    I still don't entirely understand why people care. It doesn't affect your life in any way, I don't see why other people should make a decision on someone else's behalf.

  • If your soul is a different then so are you.

    People are born with different testosterone and estrogen levels in their body. Whether we are male or female we carry both hormones. If they are out balances then our genetic makeup starts to change. The heavier the male the more feminine he is. He may be doing this on purpose. Now, if he goes through the psychotherapy and is found to be psychologically sound, and he still wants to change his sex, then let him. This male has clearly struggled all his life by having too much estrogen in his body, might as well end the struggling. I feel that in a way, when an individual has too much of the opposite hormone, then that is fate and their soul telling them to change (if they choose to do so).

  • Definetly not. There's no reason.

    Why complicate the human race. Humans have never been able to change genders in history and it has worked fine for them. Go ahead and act how you want but there is no reason to start changing body parts and especially not dna. Next we will be changing the genders of our dogs and cats

  • It's not that it shouldn't be allowed, it's that it isn't physically possible.

    There are exactly TWO genders by nature. Humans are born with genes that either make them a male or a female. And the truth is, it is absolutely impossible to completely change your gender by nature. It doesn't matter how many surgeries you have; there are trillions upon trillions of cells in your body that all agree what your gender is, as well as genitalia that each human has. And it is impossible to completely change all that, that's just fact. Our technology will never be so good that we are able to do that. It just can't happen, nature did it, and you can't alter the work of nature. Why the hell do people even want to be the other gender? You are born a male or a female, now accept the fact of whatever nature gave you and move on because you have much better things to be worrying about in life.

  • Why is changing your gender needed?

    You can act however you want in your gender. Gender roles are stupid. If you want to do masculine stuff and you're a girl, go ahead. Want to do feminine stuff and you're a guy? Just do it. You don't have to drastically change your gender just to do what you love.
    Changing your gender is confusing and inconvenience to everyone else.
    And the important question: If you're physically a female, but your ID says you're a male. Which washroom do you go in?

  • No Way !!!

    I respect people for who they are, but changing genders is very complicated and unnecessary. People act differently when they change genders and its ridiculous. Stay the gender you are. Its a sin to change your gender! Changing genders is going beyond the lines and just be who you are.

  • Gender isn't a choice

    To say gender is a choice is actually undermining the struggles of trans people...

    Granted, given that, by definition, it is the state of being male or female, the question is kind of nonsensical. People should be able to like whatever they want, dress however they want, act how they want provided they aren't hurting anyone. Their identity is their own.

    But deciding to change your gender whenever...? Nonsensical

  • Gender can not be changed.

    Look, I'm all for equal rights and everyone having their own choice (e.G. Gay marriage). But gender, you can't choose your gender, just like you can't choose your height. If you "feel" male, thats just enforcing gender stereotypes (e.G. That men play more video games). I do understand the distinction between sex and gender, but that distinction only really exists once again because of preconceived notions. One can feel sick, but you can not feel male or feel female. You are male. Or you are female. The whole transgender thing is blown out of proportion. The key lies in ridding society of the stereotypes placed on being male and female.

  • Well well well

    Im going to cut of my arm because it doesnt feel right. No, Science and Religion are lethal when together. The answer is simple, look at the chromosomes. If they show XX, she is female. If it shows XY, he is a boy. Intersex, pull down the pants, what shows goes. Gender is constant, and God made you like that. Like I said, Religion and Science are lethal when they work together.

  • You can't choose your gender

    It's what you're born as it has nothing to do with how you feel. You either have a penis or a vagina, unless you have issues. If you feel like you are the opposite gender it is a mental condition not something that should be accepted. If someone has Down syndrome we try to treat it, however we don't try to treat people who think they are the other gender.

  • You are what you are born

    You are what you are born
    there are 2 genders
    and because science let's us do it
    doesn't mean we should
    this is a blasphemy to nature itself

    besides i don't wanna live in a fucked up world
    were women would once had been men and the opposite

  • There is no benefit + a threat to human existence

    Changing your gender is pointless. Why would anyone want to do it? Its also a threat to humanity. Why? Because what happens when more people are influenced to change their genders and have children? They are likely to have an influence on their child's/children's life decisions (i.E. Changing gender) and this does have the potential to ultimately result in human extinction. Okay, that's exaggerated, BUT, it is still a threat. Gender is like your age, its biological, therefore, you can't biologically change it. Although, it can be changed in some retarded way (legally for gender, illegally for age). But just because you can change it, it doesn't mean its right. Its dumb, and its stupid.

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