Should Ex-Convicts Be Allowed to Hold Public Office?

  • If they have not lost the right to vote, ex-cons can still hold office.

    Being an ex-con should not be a loss of all rights. Someone who made a mistake, and then paid their debt to society should be able to return to their previous status. A mistake is just that. Being an ex-convict and being a felon are two different distinctions. Felons lose their right to vote, among other things. If someone has had their right to vote removed, they should not be able to hold public office. However, being an ex-convict is not indicative of a felony offense.

  • Ex-cons are still citizens.

    Yes, public office should be open to citizens and if Ex-Convicts have served their time they should be given the chance to hold office. They may be able to do a good job, and would have to be elected anyway, and they may have became law abiding and good citizens after being released.

  • Ex-Felons Can't Even Vote

    Ex-convicts shouldn't be allowed to hold public office because felons and ex-felons can't even vote. Having an ex-convict in office would only ask for trouble from voters. No one would even vote for an ex-convict. If that happens, there is a sad state of affairs in America if enough people are duped into voting for someone who used to be in jail for a crime.

  • No, they should not.

    Of course there is such a thing as paying for one's crime after doing the time, but truly we have no idea who has really repented and turned their life around and who has not. If one has done something evil enought to be incarcerated, it is fine to bar this person from public office.

  • No, can't hold office

    I don't think a convict can hold Public office, especially while serving their
    time. An ex-convict might. I'd guess that he'll get replaced somehow if
    his appeal fails and he's actually convicted. I just can't fathom how
    he's even won the race. He/She can't hold office if he is convicted and should resigned right away.

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