Should exams be replaced by others forms of testing?

  • Yes i think exams should be replaced

    I think exams should be replaced with other forms of assessments because it is good for other students to show how much they grow and learn what the teacher has given them. I think it is good for other teachers and students to find different assessments for different levels of students you have some that has issues with taking in all the work and then preforming on the assessments . I'm one of those students that need all the help they need to do well for the assessments in the different classes.

  • Exams should be replaced by other forms of testing.

    Exams should be replaced by other forms of testing. Exams are necessary to see what a student has learned and where they need to focus more attention to. However, there are very intelligent students out there that just cannot do well on exams. I think the class should break up the routine and find other ways of testing their students.

  • Exams should be replaced by other forms of testing.

    I believe that exams should be replaced by other forms of testing. Not all kids do well on exams. They might get nervous and not do well on the exam. Thus, the exam is not a true reflection of what they know. There are other ways of testing students. For example, to test writing, portfolios can show how well they write.

  • yes it it

    believe that they should be replaced. I'm in school, I take the exams. They are horrible, people will keep saying that exams are the reasons teacher know what students need to re-learn and what they still need to go over. But in reality, if the students fail, the teachers don't really care. They don't. It will just drop your grade and the teacher will keep teaching new things, while your falling behind because a major grade in the book is a 50. Exams don't help the teachers or the students. I have failed plenty of tests and exams and not once did the teacher go back over the material. I think that they just need something to make a grade off of, whether it helps you or not, they don't care. You can tell if a student is understanding the criteria by how well his homework and daily grades are. Don't try to say "oh, but you can cheat on all that stuff." Because you can cheat on a test as well. It's not right to determine whether or not a person should pass for the semester , by putting a 60 question test under their nose. Much less the TAKS/STARR tests. Its stupid. If you can pass the class with normal school work and daily papers, there is no need for major tests and such.

  • What is the "other forms"

    I believe the reason we still use exams, as we know them today, is the fact that no one has really figured out a better way to measure academic success. I do not believe they are fully accurate, but I do believe they can provide an overall assessment to some degree.

  • Exams are necessary for metrics purposes.

    There is no reason that any reasonable man could think of for other forms of testing to replace exams. At some point, you are going to have to demonstrate application of the knowledge that you have obtained during a course, and an exam is the most efficient way of doing it.

  • Exams should not be replaced

    Exams should not be replaced by other forms of testing. This is because of the fact that exams prove very valid and are successful at measuring and testing the knowledge which the student or exam taker has learned during the course of study. This is why exams should not be replaced by other forms of testing.

  • Nothing wrong with written tests

    When I was growing up, we had to have oral exams where we would be answering a specific question / topic. We were terrified of these, because it was just too stressful. A written test with many questions seemed like a piece of cake compared to this horror. I think there is nothing wrong with giving the students a multiple choice written test, as long as you give them enough time to concentrate and complete it.

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