Should execution of the severely mentally ill or retarded be legal?

Asked by: Equality2447
  • Why would you do that?

    Before you do this, consider the fact that just because the are different than us, doesn't mean that they are worse or lower than us. After all, your parents gave you a chance didn't they? So give them one. Killing someone who is mentally handicapt is murder. They are living, breathing people just like YOU and just like me. So like i said, give them a chance.

  • These people are dangerous, if you had a appliance that was as potentially wouldn't you rid yourself of the danger?

    These people are potentially or have no life quality, for example with the shooting of new town conecticut were perpetrated by a man of severe mental compromise. If we had executed the new town shooter earlier he would not of usurped the life's of 28 children and several adults. People like him could of been stopped before they reached a boiling point. I'm a former nurse for those of extreme mental retardation and I did not feel this way until I worked with said severe mental retardates but many of my patients were imcampapble of basic motor activity and Layed on a mat miserable, plus there family's were heavily burden and twice a miserable paying the medical bills and caring for a person that was not capable of loving them back. These are not the easy decisions but they are the decisions that must be made to prevent future new town shooting and to liberate those of severe mental retardation from their earthly perils.

  • It puts them out of there misery

    In my school extra curricular activates are supposed to give kids something to do and keep away from gangs and drugs and yet every activity has to involve the mentally retorted kids in some way even if they don't want to do it and half the time they don't even know what's going on and my school district just had to close 3 schools to pay for more things for these people and if they were executed they would be put out of there misery and it would be less stressful on the people taking care of them and the people around them

  • Its sounds good dude

    They dont rlly help us dude sorry to inform you. They waste too much extra time and money and there is almost no chance of getting any return in them. They will almost never learn anything that normal kids with similar capabilities can learn. Just sayin dude, whats the point in having them

  • If the subject being prosecuted is mentally ill, and understands right from wrong, they should be executed.

    The definition of being clinically insane is that you are unable to understand right from wrong, so if you are not deemed "clinically insane" the death penalty isn't something out of the question. I think that if you understand this, you are of right mind to pay the price for your crime.

  • Yes, a great idea

    I agree, it would save them their despair and save the money used to maintain them. It sounds brutal but it makes perfect sense if you put reason forth of your emotions. And be honest, you DO feel awkward and uncomfortable when around them. It doesn't really mean a mass extermination, but rather simply make it legal as these people are wasting effort, time and money and they probably aren't even happy being alive.

  • Yes, a great idea

    I agree, it would save them their despair and save the money used to maintain them. It sounds brutal but it makes perfect sense if you put reason forth of your emotions. And be honest, you DO feel awkward and uncomfortable when around them. It doesn't really mean a mass extermination, but rather simply make it legal as these people are wasting effort, time and money and they probably aren't even happy being alive.

  • Lack of Return

    If we're to look at the people in the United States alone, there are 6.5 million people with an intellectual disability with at least a "mild" intellectual disability, meaning they cannot learn anything beyond that of a 10 year old. People with a medium or lower cannot learn anything beyond that of a 3 year old. If we are to multiply 6.5 million by the cost of taking care of a intellectually retarded person (1,010,000), we come up with a whopping total of 6.565 trillion US Dollars.

    Even if we are to remove the mild intellectually disabled from the list (they make up 75% of that number), we are left with 25% of the people who cannot contribute anything to society and as a result, are still costing 1.64125 trillion US Dollars to take care of from life to death. This is incredibly expensive and is hurting the amount of debt that the US is taking in, not to mention the burden it's putting onto parents who can't do anything due to the fact that they can't abandon these children. Therefore, I believe that the euthanasia of the mentally disabled should be done as soon as possible.

  • Only if they are useless or a danger

    Many people, especially ones afflicted with severe mental debilitations, will not be of any use to society. That alone should not warrant their execution, but if they are a drain on society or (even worse) a danger, they should be lined up and shot. It would be cheaper and far safer than leaving them alive to chip away at the foundation of society.

  • They do nothing good

    In my classroom there is a kid who understands mostly nothing and does nothing good. But he hangs out with the "bad boys", to be nice to say, and does a lot of bad things(steals, hurts the others). But he has an iFuckingPhone, which I can only assume uses for games and other sites(selling ones-thats not bad). The fact that he starts to refuse the help of those who want to help hin tells me that these people are a waste of society, a eay to drain a country's economy. This whole thread might look like a nazi one, but if saying that killing mentally ill hunans is what a nazi would do... Then call me Hitler. (I am from Romania, so idk the constitution of US of A)

  • Very nasty type of thinking

    Well, equality2447, what if the execution panel decided that the cut off point defining mental retardation is one point above your IQ? Or, let's say your mental illness all of a sudden fits in the "unfit" category. Maybe all adult males under five feet five inches in height would be considered severely handicapped. I'm sure there would be some displeased folks out there.

  • No I don't think so

    The mentally I'll often commit crimes with no knowledge at all that they are doing the wrong thing. There is no malice in their killings, they need treatment for their disease not death.

    Those who are mentally retarded do not have the full mental capacity to distinguish right from wrong.

  • Who would be the judge?

    Being mentally ill or retarded is not a crime. Why should they have to die at all? Because they might need help? That would be incredibly selfish. We are all human beings and deserving of respect. And who would decide who would be executed or not? Someone could claim anyone was too mentally ill to be alive just to get rid of that person. They could find a doctor(s) who could be paid off to say anything. I am extremely saddened to see the rate was 50% on both sides.

  • It is not fair to take away someone's right to life because they have a low IQ.

    We have advanced as a society to the point where we can now recognize prejudice as wrong. However, it seems that we can not yet always recognize prejudice when it appears.

    Any decent deonotological system of ethics will require human beings to care for those with disabilities. To not do so is barbaric and inhumane and flies in the face of nearly every system of morality known to man.

  • Not every mentally ill person, No mentally retarded people

    There's obviously going to be a few mentally unstable people out there that are dangerous. Does that nessecarily mean that all of them are dangerous? No. The most harm a mentally ill person can do to you is - Wait, never mind, mentally ill people can't harm you.

    TL;DR: , Unless you want to be a Rick Perry, it shouldn't be allowed.

  • Completely Unconstitutional to execute those who do not understand the reality of their punishment.

    Mentally ill people do not always understand what they are doing wrong and some do not understand what they are being told even during trials. The Supreme Court held in Atkins v. Virginia that individuals with intellectual disabilities cannot be executed because they are categorically less culpable than other criminals. If a defendant was insane at the time of the crime, he or she can be found not guilty by reason of insanity. There have been several different cases where diagnosed schizophrenic people have been executed, even though they do not understand or show understanding of the trial or punishment.

  • Mentally disabled people in many homicide cases cannot separate reality from hallucinations.

    These people, if they did not consciously commit their crime, should not be punished. They can not help if their brain has a chemical imbalance- they naturally have no good judgement... What disabled people need is not to be demonized... They need help, to be placed a mental illness facility where they can get the care they need in order to make society a better place. To negate their conditions would be to negate human civil rights altogether...
    ALSO @ the guy who said mentally disabled people "don't contribute to society..." what the hell is wrong with you???

  • We can't kill someone who doesn't understand they are being killed

    Some one who is mentally challenged does not know that what they have done is wrong, and do not understand the consequence of their actions. Instead of killing them put them in extreme 24 hour mental care. Their brains do not function like people without mental illnesses do. They don't deserve death.

  • You should not legalize this.

    Executing these people should be illegal because in truth they have little to no understanding of what they are doing sometimes. Others might have compulsive acts that they can not control. We should try our best to treat them rather than cruelly murder them. We should place institutions around the nation for the mentally ill/retarted

  • No you shouldn't kill any of these people.

    You are a fascist and murderer who believes in an extreme form of eugenics. Your kind of beliefs violates human rights and i am surprised you are not in jail for that, but Peter Singer thought like you that severely handicapped people should be euthanased until his mum got alzheimers disease. He changed his ways. Charlie Chaplin's mother ended up severely mentally ill and she was not harming anyone. Veronica Lake had a severe mental illness and even continued her acting career and raised a family with that diagnosis. Clara Bow ended up with a severe mental illness. Brian Wilson from the beach boys has a severe mental illness. Doctors who accidentally kill patients are guilty of manslaughter and punished as fit.. Not all people who kill people are mentally ill. Some of them are terrorists. 2 women are killed each week by men due to domestic violence, and the men aren't necessarily mentally ill. They could be on meth or alcholic or just evil controlling and nasty. Sometimes women kill men but less so. Family violence is prevalent. Anyway those severe rare mentally ill people who do end up killing people are also criminally insane not just mentally insane, and are also punished as fit by being hospitalised in a hospital for the criminally insane, but jails are not the place that any mentally ill people belong. Politicians also are responsible for mass homicide when they orchestrate wars and force their men to fight for their country to distract people from an economic depression. But no one asks them to be killed or jailed.

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