• They deserve it

    People should be able to see murderers and rapists and peedophiles and terrorists all be executed. I don't think that they should be held in a public area but you should be able to watch it on TV or the internet . It would stop people committing those crimes .

  • Executions shouldn't be sporting events, but i think they should be broadcast on the internet.

    I personally think that capital punishment is a crime
    deterrent. When people see that crime
    has real consequences, they may be less likely to participate in criminal
    activity. I think that if a criminal is
    truly guilty, that he loses his rights to privacy and shouldn’t be protected by
    the government. They should broadcast
    these executions on the internet.

  • No, unless we want a colloseum mentality.

    In the old days, people would gather around the town square or the arena to watch people being put to death as punishment. It did nothing but stoke the violent streak of the general public. We do not want to turn an execution into a popular sport that people watch on tv with beer and chips.

  • It wouldn't make things better.

    If people really feel the need to know that certain criminals have been executed, they should be allowed to read about it on the Internet. Could you imagine a child finding a live execution being broadcast on television? Or the amount of trauma that would be associated with said event? Execution is someone's life. It shouldn't be broadcast all over television. Although the criminal may deserve it, sitting around the TV to watch someone literally die is not only disrespectful, and distasteful, but immoral. All these people getting off from someone being killed? Gathering around with friends and family as one does with football or movies?

    It teaches people that this sort of violence, literal death, is something to rave over. It would only make people more violent, and newer generations would no longer view the loss of life as a big deal because they're so used to just watching it on TV every so often.

    It wouldn't stop criminals from committing crimes, they know that they will get punished. Seeing real people get killed may just ignite the fire to commit terrible crimes even more.

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