• A humane society

    Humans are blessed with the gift of a conscience, but for some reason we feel the need to continue horrible experimentation on animals. We should not shut off our brains and hearts for utilitarian measures. These experiments should stop and we should let animals enjoy this domain as much as we do.

  • Yes and no.

    We should not experiment on an animal if we do not have to, and we should try to give the animals a good life and be ready to help them when the experimenting actually takes place. However, if we do not experiment on them then we will not know how to get medicines for them along with for people.

  • Will never be loved

    Experimental animals are locked in small cages in a lab with artificial light. They never get to stretch their legs out, they never get to run through the grass or to see the sun. They sit inside and wait for another awful test to be done and wonder why they are being treated so cruel. Never in their life will they be able to know what it is like to feel loved and to have a family.

  • It's absolutely disgusting

    I despise those who consider to do so. We live in a world where human have more right to this planet than any other creature. Yet god created us all as equals, now tell me how that enables us to experiment on other creatures. It's catastrophic and I'm ashamed of the human race

  • Animal experiments: an evil joke

    Unethical for using animals in an innatural and cruel way, I think animal testing is very dangerous for humans. With animal testing the pharmaceutical factory can ask more public money saying that they have to pay for the animals they have (animal experimentation is expensive!).
    And using animals the researchers can select the species of animals on the basis of the results they want obtain. Ex. Some animals die with diossine, other don't.
    And when their drugs on the market will begin to kill people or to cause horrible diseases and reactions, the researchers will say that with animals the result was different, so it's not their fault. They want be paid! They don't care about human or animal welfare, rights etc. They are horrible people.

  • Why to be cruel with innocent creature's

    We came to earth ,we are given every thing which we need by our mother earth.Our earth has ecosystem which tells us to respect each animal ,each animal has his role in maintaining balance,.So if we disturb it it'll bother us..Also we must not think those creatures below us because as us they are also god's creation

  • Only cosmetic testing should be banned.

    During testing, only 6% of animals feel pain. They live, until the moment they are experimented on, in relative comfort, with plenty of food, water, and even some simple toys until the day they are killed, usually through a painless decapitation or cervical dislocation. Also, animal testing is vital to research. Cell cultures cannot mimic the full range of tissues and organs found in an animal body. Personally, I feel that any none vegetarian who goes against animal testing is a bit hypocritical, as the animals in labs are usually treated much better than those in the slaughterhouses. Sure, there are exceptions, with sadists torturing animals for entertainment, but then again, grinding up male chicks alive is a common practice in the egg industry.

  • Experiments on animals should not be banned.

    Animal testing is an important method for scientific research. Although scientists should make sure that they are following ethics standards and that they are treating the animals humanely, there is no reason that such testing should be suspended completely for humanitarian purposes. Many human diseases can be treated by doing research on animals.

  • No some are beneficial

    I do not think all experiments on animals should be banned. I think the animal should be protected and not put in any danger. If the animal is well cared for and not in danger then I think that animal experiments could help the human population in the long run.

  • Non-Invasive Animal Testing OK

    Most invasive experiments upon animals should be banned in the United States. However, relatively safe and non-invasive experiments are all right. They cause very little harm or discomfort to the animals, and the discoveries can impact humans in important ways. Therefore, these experiments should continue on in order to benefit humanity.

  • Experiments are for the greater good

    No, I do not believe that experiments on animals should be banned. These experiments are what have advanced medicine to the point that it is today. Granted, when conducting these experiments the animal should be treated humanly as possible. Some of the experiments have been completed in order to cure animal diseases as well.

  • Not all experiments are inhumane.

    I find much research and insight can be explored through some very morally correct tests. Numerous interesting psychological evidence has emerged through the training of rats to run through a maze for cheese. Doesn't sound like a bad life to me. The animal was not hurt, and had to work no harder than it would have out in nature, and indeed much less so, to find food.

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Experimenting on animals should be banned