• Facebook should be allowed to censor information

    As a private company, Facebook should be allowed to sensor information as well as do anything else that it pleases. It does not charge customers money for any products or services, and owes customers nothing in terms of censorship. However, it is a bad practice and should only be done sparingly.

  • Yes, Facebook should have sensorship rights.

    yes, Facebook should be allowed to sensor information. As a private company, it has the right to decide what content is publishable on its site. However, as a proclaimed public interface, it lacks opportunity for input from the user community, useful in regulating censorship. Ultimately, however, the public does not control these regulations. The principle method of expressing displeasure with current practices would be to quit using Facebook.

  • A tricky topic

    Unfortunately, with the world of social media, information is always at our fingertips. The problem with this is that a lot of this information is incorrect or misleading, causing a large mass of followers to believe false information. When something published on any social media platform, not just Facebook, is certainly false, I believe they have a right to censor this information to save problems.

  • Yes it should be able to censor.

    I am all in favor of Facebook being able and allowed to censoring a specific type of incident. I understand the first amendment issue sat play, however in extreme cases this could be useful to the general public and the well being of a community if a specific group is in danger.

  • Listen to Bubble Bass

    We have opinions as people. Just because Facebook doesn't like something that doesn't mean that they should censor it. That is just biased. Let's use the SpongeBob episode "Bulletin Board" for example. When P-Star7 put a "Dark Empty Feeling" note on the bulletin board. Mr. Krabs tried to censor it, but Bubble Bass said that just because Mr. Krabs doesn't like something that doesn't mean that he should censor it. That is why Facebook shouldn't be allowed to censor information.

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