• Yes IT SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!!!!

    All facebook is good for is for people to start drama with others! And people should find something better to do with there lives besides post every little thing that goes on. The people that started facebook dont care what it does to people!!! All they care about is the all mighty $!!! If i want people or friends to know what im doing i will tell them personally!!! Other wise its none of ur business!!!! Use the phone to tell someone something, not the whole damn world. Thats why we have them duh!!!!!!

  • Face book should be banned.

    Do you even know the all people you are friends with on Facebook? I'm sure that you have accepted a friend request from someone you really didn't know just to be polite; and if you haven't, think of the under-aged users that now have cyber-stalkers and perverts on their page because they just accepted the friend request! I'm positive there are more children who now have that problem than you could count.

  • It should be banned

    Have you heard of all the deaths that occur on Facebook. Cyberbullying and sexting are the consequences of Facebook. If you post images on Facebook ,Facebook owns it and can post it on google images. Facebook is a non reliable site and should be banned. If you want to talk to people use email

  • Facebook causes more harm than it does good!

    Everyday you hear about people getting robbed, killed, fired from work, etc. because of Facebook. This site started as a college social media site and now has become a gateway for murderers, stalkers, and thiefs. Facebook should be banned and shut down permanently. Check a world news source like Drudgereport and there is at least one article per day of Facebook causing harm.

  • Get it Banned!!!

    Face book is full of people. Some are nice friendly people. Some can be perverts or pedophiles. Perverts use information to find rape or even kill their victims. They look for vulnerable children or just ordinary teenagers. Some people can find pedophiles pretending to be their dream girl or dream boy, this can cause a death or a rape case. Many deaths have happened over the years because of Facebook. The media promotes this type of crime by saying nice things about Facebook or just shutting up by not telling the public NOTHING about these crimes. My mom uses Facebook but she doesn't go around telling people, ooh I'm going to Colombia, Grrr my boss kept me late at the office. It is just stupid how people get KILLED OR RAPED because of this. Its stupid how the media doesn't tell a soul about this outrage. Think how family's feel because of a friend or family members Death because of face book. These are My reasons why face book should be banned and thank you if you read it please like it or reply.

  • Facebook should be banned!

    You just sit around posting stuff on walls and waiting to someone to like it like a prisoner waiting to be free and get poked by people you actually don't know. You shall get comments to make you loose your life and soon they'll be threatening you . Some of you might have best friends there but who in the world knows whether you are been cheated and anyone can have some other name and a picture. Your details can be taken to to commit crime globally. So why sign in when you should have avoided make an account in the first place. According all what have happen now why not get it banned?

  • Only unintelligent people have Facebook.

    It is proven that it causes SMAD!
    People have told me they use it for college. ... You can use email. People have also said they use it for buisness. .. People have been making money in the past without it. You don't need a digital page to show you who and what you are. Facebook does testing on people.
    You are never safe on Facebook I don't care if "only my friends" can view your facebook because they're ways around it....Please delete your facebook.

  • Facebook should be banned.

    Facebook Should be banned. Just think of how many under-aged boys and girls are in so much danger at the moment! Look at it this way; Facebook is far from safe. Parents should want their child to be safe at all times but ever since facebook was made, it’s nearly impossible! We understand perfectly that people have their own opinions and they enjoy facebook, but do you honestly want to risk your life and safety on something that doesn’t even matter? People out there are setting up fake accounts and pretending to be someone they're not even though they truly appear real, and they're doing that to track down people and obviously do some pretty nasty things to the victim.

  • Ruins society more than it helps it

    The "Like" system is a key element in why kids these days get dumber and dumber and low self esteem etc. because they want these likes on their posts and pictures just so others recognize their social status. For some kids, it is embarrassing when they don't get the amount of likes they want. For example, a funny or very nice picture in scenery etc. and that child gets few likes, whereas the other kid posts something like "Tbh" or stupid random posts and selfies etc. and gets +50 likes.

  • Yes it should be banned

    Facebook was originally intended for college students (young people in other words). I think it is very sad and needy to see anyone of 30 using it, especially on a regular basis, sorry but one cannot have much of a life to be posting rubbish on Facebook all the time. People have committed murder through seeing stuff on Facebook, in fact way too many crimes have happened. It is very narcissistic and really means you don't have a life at all or you would call your friends, text them, Skype them. Anyone using this over the age of 30 is just sad!! If you do have a life, you wouldn't need to 'prove' it on Facebook. It should definitely close down, its getting dated now anyway.

  • No, Facebook should not be banned.

    Facebook is such a great tool to connect and keep in contact with friends, families, co-workers, or anyone else that you feel like keeping in contact with. Also, it allows you to even play games on their site, many which are very popular. I do not use facebook, personally, but even I believe it is such a great tool to learn and connect with people.

  • Its not about whether its good or bad. Its about "how people use it "

    .There have been many deaths and social problems due to Facebook. But its not the fault of facebook. If facebook is to be banned so is google + , emails ..Etc . Before joining Facebook, one should know how to use it wisely. Facebook should live and the people who doesnt use it wisely should be blocked or banned. Facebook has now become a gigantic social network. Not only including adult with some religious ideas and promoting companies and brands but now it has become a way of communicating easily even with students who can share information about their current projects, presentations. If Facebook is used wisely there's no other thing that is greater than it. In short Facebook is a KNIFE. A cook can use it to produce something good while in hands of a robber,murderer it can be harmful. USE FACEBOOK WISELY AND THEN GIVE A REASON TO BAN IT.

    (this is just an opinion, plz respect others opinions before starting a war)

  • No, should be banned

    Facebook is good for people to star chat with new people, or with old friend. For example people can chat with friends who live not in the same place then you. For Facebook you can share all stuff what you want to share with all friend not in one. Maybe you see a really funny or interesting or important video, and you share that video because you want to show all Facebook friend about that, ant you want they understand and then they share and them friend see that ant that going and going, ant might be see all world. Facebook is not bad site just need don't let the children have them. Under 16 children should don't have them, because they is to small to know what need do and what can share what no.

  • Facebook must not be banned.

    Facebook should not be banned because Facebook can be used for educational purposes that can be extended and developed the analytical and imaginative skills. Despite Facebook being classified as social media, Facebook uses are also extended well beyond as a communicating tool. There are many educational pages on Facebook such as ‘Did you know’. ‘Did you know’ is a page that regularly posts interesting facts and little tricks and tips on helping you in school. Students are also able to make their own pages about a subject and help each other on it. Facebook is an extremely effective way to contact friends and peers to ask for much needed help. If Facebook were restricted to people 18 and over understanding homework and assignments would be much harder and put youth under a lot of stress. Stress leads to many things such as memory problems, depression or general unhappiness, sleeping too much or too little and so much more.

  • Just Stop Using It

    I do not believe Facebook should be banned. I'm not quite sure why someone would want to ban Facebook, it's dying on it's own right before our eyes. I personally don't care for Facebook, but I don't see an inherent problem with it that would justify it being banned for some reason.

  • Facebook should not be banned

    No, I do not think that Facebook should be banned since it is so popular. If people want to waste their time on Facebook and not be productive members of society then I think that they have the right to do so. Facebook is a form of entertainment and banning it would lead to bad precedence.

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