Should false rape accusers face harsher sentences?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • It is a double crime against the the man falsely accused & against the REAL victims of rape / sexual assault

    The sheer level of malice from a woman that accuses a man of a very serious crime , knowing very well that his life will be DESTROYED way before a court hearing ..." Guilty by media " , he will often lose employment & likely subject to serious physical attacks from , or even killed by vigilantes. Plus this hinders justice for REAL victims of sex crimes. Unfortunately false accusations are NOT rare , there a lot of misandrist women in Western countries , that will happily misuse the legal system to destroy men. Jemma Beale is a classic example , a lesbian misandrist that wrecked the lives of 15 men !! However REAL rapists should be severely punished once convicted beyond ANY reasonable doubt !!

  • Yes, yes, and yes!

    Why on EARTH would you EVER falsely accuse someone of a crime they didn't commit?! That's just EVIL and it pretty much RUINS the life of the man or woman who was falsely accused of rape! False rape accusers should DEFINITELY face harsher sentences because they pretty much accuse a man/woman of raping someone when they DIDN'T! Rape is NOT something that you can just joke about or laugh about or act like it's alright! Rape is a HUGE crime and accusing ANYONE, whether male OR female, of this crime is simply F**KED UP and worthy of receiving the death penalty!

  • Harsher than what?

    I agree the punishment for a false accusation needs to be severe. But I don't know what we're comparing it to. Harsher than the punishment for rape? No. Harsher than it currently is? That depends on what the current punishment is. False rape accusations are unfortunately very common. They not only add to the number of cases that have to be investigated but, because they are so common, all rape allegations have to be double investigated by law enforcement-it has to be investigated as a rape and simultaneously as a false allegation. It's really sad to say, but most of the cases I was involved with turned out to be a failure to pay or morning after regret. This puts enormous pressure on limited police resources. Not to mention the harm this behavior does to the good name of those who truly do suffer from rape. As a side note, I believe a forcible rape should be a capital offense eligible for the death penalty.

  • Of course they should!!!

    When you falsely accuse somebody of rape, you basically ruin their whole life. They could end up spending years in prison for a crime they didn't commit, might have to register as a sex offender, have a harder time finding a job, be looked at by the public as the rapist they never were an ultimately commit suicide! That calls for severe punishment. Fines aren't enough. You need to be incarcerated for at least the same amount of time the victim was or even longer. Also, falsely accusing someone of rape ruins it for those who have actually BEEN raped. People will have a harder time believing REAL victims of rape if false rape accusations rise. We can't let this happen. Jail those who falsely accuse. They deserve it for all they do to the REAL victim!!!

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