Should Family Guy and South Park be banned in the USA?

Asked by: ILoveCars
  • Yes, they should be banned permanently in the USA.

    They both are cartoons that are a very offensive influence for kids under 20 (myself included). The only adult animation I'm watched to watch are Futurama, The Simpsons, ... Not FG or SP, though. But still, FG, SP, and Robot Chicken are a very, very bad influence even for adults.

  • Yes, yes they should.

    Family Guy and South Park has created very humorous and entertaining jokes for the audience, but sadly they are very offensive to viewers who take the television show too seriously. Yes, some of these so called humourous jokes can cross the line from time to time, to time, in which is why I strongly think these two specific television shows should be banned. Many viewers will miss South Park and Family Guy, providing the audience a giggle here and there, but I'll be glad that's off the air, unlike American Dad. Anyways! That'll be two less television shows that should be off air and that have been on too long and need and ending point. Oh and they also set a bad influence to children.

  • Yes they should be banned

    The shows have no limit cap on what they show period. They attack religious deities with no respect for the people or belief, make light of aduse bit it from animals to women or children, the humor is lame and distasteful, they show so much junk that should be censored from tv. The creates don't seem to realize the big impression they have on a younger and more unstable audience that may desire to re enact scenes from the shows. The simple way to get it fixed is to removed this crap from the airways

  • Yes these cartoons should be banned

    These so called “cartoons” are just downright gauche! (very poor taste) And its not just family guy and south park either. The Simpson’s, American dad, and any others that fit into the category, though not quite as bad as FG and SP, are still very crude. Just like what the others have said, these shows have an absolutely toxic influence on not just our children, but on everyone. These shows put the emphasis on the stereotypes and misconceptions about what this world is. And that’s only the beginning. These shows poke disrespectful fun at anything and everything that must be taken seriously and with respect, including but not limited to - religion, race, our fellow man in general, and animals. Just to name a few. What’s ironic is that when I was younger (early teens) I actually enjoyed watching these shows. But as I grew, and began to really understand who I was and what these shows really stood for, I now take serious offense at them. I don’t know if whoever made these cartoons really meant for them to deliberately be offensive or not. I don’t understand how people out there find this mental sludge amusing and only see it as “harmless fun”. The point is that we really are what we eat. The more we are exposed to this stuff, the more we actually become what this stuff is. Its part of why today’s generation has become so misguided. Maybe it’s just a matter of taste but these programs must go. Overall, these so called “cartoons” have mawked, insulted, degraded, and blasphemed every moral, teaching, mindset, and value that I hold dear, as well as anything else I have liked. And for those on the other side of the argument that say this would be violating their constitutional rights, at the very least, if not ban the shows, make it so that they are only available by purchasing them by DVD or download through a limited number of retailers that sell only to those over a very strict age limit. That way they still get to see their shows but it will be kept away from our children and those who really don’t like it. (hopefully)

  • Should Family Guy and South Park be banned in the USA

    Its a very nasty, disgusting, and ill inform noneducational pile of shit that's self opinionated, dictating and anti religious, its just a low moral pile of garbage but what can you expect from a dirty nigger loving jew and no moral fucker, who thinks they are the smartest guys on the face of the planet because they don't believe in any thing that is pure and good and everyone else is stupid, because we believe in God and our Saviour, the day these fuckers die is the day they will learn the truth

  • I think books show should be canceled because they are a negative influence on children.

    Sometimes the shows like to make jokes about races and religions and that kids are easily influenced and I think whenever they see on TV is true and that's why it is a problem because kids my watch the show and think that it might represent the teachings of the church or how the system really works. I used to watch Family guy when I was younger and because of certain racist jokes I got in trouble a couple of times. There were times when I would accidentally blurt out a racist joke and thank heaven I didn't because I would have gotten into big trouble with people and my parents told me if I did say it to the person's face they probably would have kicked my butt. I was just a kid that time so they probably would have. I also have cousins who are black and half white and they mean a lot to me they were like sisters to me since birth and the lasts thing I want to do is hurt there feelings.

  • Waste is detrimental

    I have never watched those stupid programs. I hear only bad thing about them. Filthy jokes, sadistic and offensive things. Why would we let children watch such detrimental things? Learn them to do something else than wasting time. Don't teach them immorality, there is to much of it in society.

  • Of course not

    This question is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so dumb. I guarantee you that only 1% of people actually think they should be banned, the rest that said yes are either being sarcastic, or are just trolls.

  • Of course not

    This question is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so dumb. I guarantee you that only 1% of people actually think they should be banned, the rest that said yes are either being sarcastic, or are just trolls.

  • Yes, kill modern satire

    South Park is secretly one of the smartest shows on TV, it disguises itself behind crass humor but is generally topical and relevant. Not to mention at times downright hilarious! I have grown up with it and it has is part of our countries history, I say no, more please!

  • No, no, no

    It should not be banned because they are both very popular shows and contain a lot of comedy for people to laugh about. Plus kids are gonna come across these shows anyway during their teenage years, whether parents like it or not. I live in London, UK, and I know that people in America deserve freedom of choice. I got into Family Guy at the age of 13, and I got into South Park at the age of 14. In addition to that, not everyone gets heavily influenced by the show and starts going around their 1st grade classes shouting out phrases from these shows. When I first got into these shows, I decided that I was going to be mature enough not to copy a single sentence from them unless it was a role play, and not to say any swear words either. Also children do not need a television programme to learn how to swear or use offensive gestures, people in our society today use this sort of language and some of them didn't even learn it from the things they watch. It is also down to the parents whether they want to allow their kids to watch Family Guy and South Park regardless of their age. Overall, you can love these shows and not get influenced at all, so no it shouldn't be banned.

  • Why is this even an issue??

    Did we ban Married with Children? Sure, the jokes in Family Guy and South Park are more offensive, but that is whats happening in the world right now. These shows are not for kids and if your an adult who thinks that the jokes are offensive, there is a power button in your remote that can turn off your TV so you dont have to watch it.

  • It's The Parents Responsibility

    It is just T.V, besides, it is the parents responsibility to make sure their kids are watching good stuff on tv, they do have the ability to lock channels. And if they are worried that their kids are to smart, then just do not let them have a tv. Done.

  • We have a constitutional right!

    The constitution gives us the right of free speech, so banning Family Guy, South Park, or any other shows like that would be against one of the most important rights we have in this nation.

    Yes, it can be a bad influence on kids, so if you don't want them watching it, don't let them watch it! And still, even if you don't like it, many Americans do and banning the show would be very unfair.

  • The importance of Satire and Social Comentary in society.

    To even suggest we need to remove these shows from our net works is terribly offensive to hear. Even if the shows are mindlessly offensive, they should not be removed, but let's look at South Park, can we really classify that as mindlessly offensive? Ever since season 3 southpark has been obsessed with using hyperbolic comedy to express issues that faces America today. Shows like South Park are able to bring to light and not hold back whatsoever when making fun of or shedding light on an important issue. Some examples include the Episode about the freemium game released by Canada. They had a small scene describing the "drink responsibly" alcohol ads, they then cut to a short 10 second ad. The ad flashed images of cars women and rich hot men drinking like crazy, having loads of fun and kept announcing " boobs" "vodka" "cars" and other terms that I will admit we're not appropriate, but and the ad then ended with " drink responsibly ". Now at first glance, one might say, " that was 10 seconds of absolute vulgarity" but in reality it was a pretty interesting take and critique on the alcohol ads that play on our very TVs. Through comedic absurdity South Park was able to totally jab at the companies and presented an issue in an entertaining way frankly no other medium has been able to accomplish other than shows of similar objective. Now the argument for kids watching the shows, that is an issue for parents to deal with, but hiding the world from children is not truly the answer either. It's the conventional way of parenting but, it simply makes the future harder to grasp. These shows are satirical and valuable in a society today.

    I know this is off point but this also bring back to, what is wrong with a mindless show
    Yeah there might be issues
    Yeah it might be offensive but the right is there for studios to create this content, the beauty of America man!

  • Has america gone mad?!!!??!!!?!!!!

    Family guy is a good show in my opinion, but if South Park was banned, I would legitimately cry. These shows are so funny especially South Park. I have not seen any show that is similar to these shows that are even close to as hilarious. I have not cried in years, but if South Park was canceled, i would cry and eat ice cream for 3 days.

  • Because most AMERICANS love it.

    Because family guy has been around for decades and if we ban family guy things want be the same on television. Plus what about our beloved characters and fans i mean the people who play the voices for the characters wont get paid and the beloved fans wont know what to watch anymore.

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