• Yes, family records should be shared with each generation

    Yes, family records should be shared with each generation. It is very important for each generation to know their family history. Whether this family history is good or bad should not stop the family records from being shared. It is very important for people to know where they come from.

  • Yes, family history is important

    Family history is essential for building a cultural history and personal identity. While some things should be kept from kids, once someone is a legal adult then they should be allowed to access family records. This also helps with grassroots history when studying culture and the experience of the everyday person.

  • Yes, records should be shared with family to help know our origin

    It is really important that, despite what the future we are currently pursuing is, we know where we come from. Family records are a big part of this and everyone should have access to them. It is important to preserve tradition and learn from the mistakes others have made before us.

  • No, it should be up to each family to decide what to pass down and what to overlook.

    No, it shouldn't be a requirement to have family records shared with future generations. Some families don't have records. Others don't wish to share them. Some younger generations have no interest in these records. So in short, they should be shared only when the interest level is high enough, or there is a compelling reason to share them.

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