Should father's have the FINAL SAY in abortion?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • Fathers Deserve the Right to their child

    They created the child so they should be allowed to have the say of if their child lives or dies . They were the most important part in the conception of the child . They have the right to their child at no harm done to the mother . Menisnism.

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  • Final say? No.

    However, as both the father and mother were required to produce a child, "It takes two to tango" and whatnot, both parents should agree. Yes, the woman is the one at risk, but that's like saying since soldiers are fighting for us, only soldiers should have a right to vote. Written consent would be required and an occasional veto can be used for special cases (such as rape of either parent) and if one parent supports abortion and the other doesn't, the pro-abortion parent should receive amnesty from all child rearing responsibility, since it is an unwanted child. A harsh, but fair judgement, I think.

  • They're not even the ones at risk

    They shouldn't have any say. Granted, it wouldn't hurt for the two to discuss their options together if they have an understanding relationship but the final decision should and must rest with the woman. She is the only one risking her physical and emotional health as a direct correlation to the pregnancy. While the man may share DNA with the embryo, that does not grant him rights over the woman's bodily autonomy. Expending resources from one's wallet is not nearly on the same scale as expending resources of one's body. If he's really opposed on the basis of it having his genes, she should leave him and do what she feels is best for her... Then he can go and find someone who'd be more willing to put herself at risk during pregnancy.

  • They shouldn't have the final say, but they should have more choices.

    I don't think it is right for a man to have any say on what a certain women should do with her body. But as things currently stand in the USA men have far less choices in procreation when compared with women. Women can abort the child, give the child up for adoption, or have the child, unilaterally without ever counseling the father. I think to make this fair men should have the option to financially abort the child if he tells the women he doesn't want it in a timely fashion.

  • Not the FINAL say

    Now i am against abortion on most terms but in this current situation, I believe that fathers should have a strong say in abortion because it is their baby too but i do not believe they should have the final say because they are not the ones carrying the baby. Do you guys think that it makes sense for the man to say that the woman keeps the baby and make her go through the pain of the pregnancy and childbirth?

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