• Yes, it's ruining women's chances

    Feminism is making girls and women not as they should. It is preventing them from being able to do what they should and can. Females all around the world feel limited to what they can do because people assume the cannot due to them being a woman or girl. S

  • It focuses only on women

    They speak on creating equality but only focus on women. While I do believe we need some organization to bring equality they are not the one, nore have they ever been the one. They never protest against men being treated harsher in court, men being more likely to to be killed in both hommicides and the workplace, and they tend to treat rape and sexual assault as a gender problem not a human problem. Then you have the new generation with #killallmen, drinking mugs labeled man tears while complaining about catcalling and manspreading while there are women whom could honestly use their help. If we are to bring equality we need a group whom can look at both sides of the same coin and help both prosper. One whom does not discriminate. Not complain about and ignore them because their not female.

  • Equality is important

    Despite what many seem to believe, feminism's goals are not to make women dominant over men, or to give them more than men. The goal is to make them equal with men, so that women have all the equal opportunities that aren't based on gender. To stop feminism would be to take away the rights of women, and women have a right to stand up against inequality and unfairness.

  • Ability to be self determinant

    There is some ridiculous assumption on what feminism is or is not. Basically, it’s just the ability to determine one’s own pursuits without the hindrances of bias. To be equally recognized for efforts and contributions with equal standing as men. Equal pay, promotional opportunities and voice. Feminists don’t want to rule the world or to put men down, only to live and work on equal footing.

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