Should fights be punished in school if it's self-defense?

Asked by: Elle_8
  • Everyone Involved Should Be Punished

    It's only self defense if you are actually defending yourself, not if you are going on the offensive. Even then, everyone involved needs to be punished. Otherwise, every kid that gets in a fight will claim it was "self-defense" in order to avoid punishment. Teachers and administrators have better things to do with their time than to try to determine who is telling the truth when everyone in a fight claims "self-defense".

  • Yes, fights should be punished in schools even if its self-defense

    Kids don't need to get into a fight regardless of who throws the first punch. It takes two to tango. Kids should be taught to walk away from the fight not to fight back. Teaching kids to fight back usually makes the kid more aggressive and prone to starting fights.

  • Do you want to know why?

    So you get suspended, have to go home. You tell your parents it was self defense. They believe you and then they let you do whatever the hell you want without punishment. You get to skip school let everyone know and not get punished! Oh ain't it heaven to lie?

  • It's not needed

    If someone is physically able to punch back they are also able to walk away. If they choose to punch back instead of walk away it is not self defense. Punching back just escalates the situation and makes it worse. It does not help and should be punished as fighting.

  • Yes... Schools should allow self-defense.

    When I was in middle school I was constantly bullied by this one kid. After multiple episodes of him throwing stuff in my face, I finally fought back. And he never harassed me again. Self-defense teaches kids self empowerment, and prevents physical confrontation in the long run. Just make sure you know how to defend yourself before getting into a fight.

  • Self defense is fighting back!

    I was bullied all through elementary and junior high. Called a chink, spit on, shoved, and jumped by more than one attacker. I started training at a boxing gym and eventually started picking off one bully at a time. By the time I was a senior in high school, no one dared to fuck with me. To all of the liberal pussies that are telling kids not to fight back, go fuck your selves!

  • The actual meaning if self defense-The defense of one's person or interests, especially through the use of physical force.

    Most people who are suspended for "self defense" think of self defense of fighting back, and although that is a kind of self defense, people should be using the blocking punches or hits kind of self defense! There are also plenty of ways to avoid the fight but its up to you do actually avoid it and not get involved because getting involved is what is getting you suspended!

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  • I was bullied, mercilessly when I was a kid.

    Almost every day for about 6-7 years, by the same kid. He'd follow me home, beat me up. He'd see me in public, punch me in the face. He saw me at the rink and would attack me on the ice.

    One day however, it came to a head. This kid had his friends chase me around the school building and "capture" me, dragged me back to my bully in front of the entire student body for a beating. The first thing he did was slap me, then he shoved me almost enough to fall down.

    I had a fist balled up inside my coat, I took it out and punched him square in the face - he threw one back, I blocked and kept punching him until he was bleeding and his friends had to pull me off.

    He was a known problem to the school and before this, they had done nothing. NOTHING.

    Did I deserve the suspension? Absolutely not. By today's standards, the school would be liable for a lawsuit - perhaps that should be the retaliation to unjust punishments for self defense.

  • No! No! No!

    Imagine this: you are walking down the street minding your own business. All of a sudden, somebody comes over and hits you in the face and starts kicking you. After a while, you can't take it anymore and you hit them back. Should you be arrested for it? I mean, you were just trying to get them to stop beating you, so you hit them back. Now imagine this with kids in schools. Kids can be very brutal, and if a kid is getting beat up, then he has every right to hit them back!

  • What other realistic option is there?

    1. Before I got out of school, the most common thing I heard the staff say was "just walk away". Obviously they didn't take two seconds to think about this because it's simply not an option. If someone wants to hit you they aren't going to stop just because you start walking the other way. They'll just shove you against a wall and keep hitting you.

    2.Other kids usually don't help either. One day I walked by two kids fighting in the hall (granted this was a fight not bullying) and all of the other students just formed a ring and watched. I'm willing to bet the same thing would happen in the case of bullying.

    3. "Go and tell a teacher" also wouldn't work. My first argument also applies here. Besides that, unless you're right next to a room that a teacher is in, you're going to have to find one first. Bullies are actually smart enough not to bully right in front of a teacher, so you would have to turn around, run to the nearest room, and hope the teacher isn't out making some copies.

    4. Doing anything other than defending yourself would just encourage the bully. If you tell a teacher, you make him mad. If a friend helps you out, they'll come back when your friend isn't around. If you run away, your a wuss and he picks on you for that.

    My point is, defending yourself is the only way it's going to stop, so why should you be punished for solving the problem that the school won't or can't do anything about?

  • It is the right of an adult person to defend themselves when attacked.

    We even have "stand your ground" laws (which may be a little extreme at times). Why does a student lose the constitutional right to defend themself? If you don't ever stop the bullying, it will continue -- sometimes until it causes the victim to commit suicide, as has often happened.

    Posted by: cs2
  • Bullying NEEDS to stop.

    I will put a disclaimer that as a U.S. Marine i may have a biased opinion on fighting in general. With that being said, in the context of the question I whole heatedly believe if you are defending your preservation of life or well being then you most absolutely have the right to fight back to stop the aggressor. That is where it ends though if you can successfully defend yourself and get away from situation and not go on the offensive then you should. For kids picking on each other the way they do today with cyber attacks and knock out games. If you can honestly say you would get attacked and just curl up into a ball and let your butt get beat then you should reflect of your life worth and find something to live for. Everyone's body is their own temple and the second you invade my space with extreme hostility i am going to send you to the nurse with a broken nose. That is not a threat but simply a promise. I do not Tolerate Bullying and if I witness it i would defiantly step in and help the victim.

  • Absolutely, Positively, Not.

    If somebody punches you or tries to start a fight are u going to just stand around and let them. No. If somebody swung at you then you'd try to stop it. It's called reflexes. The rule in my family is if somebody starts it then you defend yourself and if they continue then you finish it. You shouldn't just stand around and let them beat you up because you don't want to get in trouble! Yes you can try going to a teacher but what if one isn't close enough before they try to get to you again? Run? Maybe. And if they catch you? Then What? Should the schools really suspend you for fighting back if it's the only option at the moment?

  • Most definitely no.

    Here is a situation, where I again fail to see old wisdom. In this case, it's the age old idea that it doesn't matter who started it. Obviously it does matter, since if nobody ever started it, the confrontation wouldn't exist.

    What's worse, is that this way of thinking has evolved into the idea that the victim MUST have instigated the fight, else why would they fight? This way of thinking is far worse, because it means that the victim, even if they didn't fight back whatsoever, and just took the beating, still gets punished.

  • Self Defense is a natural given right.

    I'm an 18 year old senior at a high school in CT, currently waiting to get shipped out to boot camp for the marine corps. I'm on the varsity wrestling team and the most I've gotten in trouble is calling a security guard an a**hole. Anyways, I was walking down the hall one day, out of no where this kid "what are you looking at" I asked "what?" He made a B-line to me and shoved me. I laughed an started walking away. He pushed me again, I pushed him back and said "I don't want to fight" I started walking away AGAIN. He came back and pushed me a third time. I grabbed him by the collar and yelled "dude, I'm not fighting you" as soon as I let go, he clocked me in the face and knocked my glasses off my face. I felt a stream of blood running from my eyebrow, which I almost needed stitches for. I regained myself and my natural instinct to stand my ground kicked him. I punched him in the face back and he grabbed my neck trying to choke me. Therefore, I gave him 2 uppercuts and pushed him off of me. I went to the locker room to clean up and when I went back out in the hall, a police officer and the principle was there. I went right up to them and they didn't say anything to me. I went to the nurses office and sat there for over an hour. Another cop walks in, I stand up and shake his hand and we talk a little about the military, since he was in the army. I thought I was good because I was really only defending myself. He tells me "if you don't be a jerk, I won't embarrass you and put you in cuffs, just walk out with me like an adult." I replied "wait, I'm being arrested... For what??" I then grabbed my backpack and walked out with the officer. Even held the main door for him. He then patted me down and put me in cuffs. I was charged with assault in the 3rd and breach of peace. The officers watched the cameras and they told me "you should've walked away even when he punched you" what I want to know is, who in there right mind could walk away from something like that? What if I started to walk away and he wanted more and came up from behind me and started pounding on the back of my head? I've had a few concussions from sports, all I was thinking about was my safety and my future. Now I have a court case pending. For what? I don't feel like I did anything wrong in this situation. The only thing I could've done differently is just not engage with him in the first place. I should've just let him talk his sh*t, whatever. But still, I was in the right. Comments?

  • Learning to defend your self is important

    I was constantly bullied until I dislocated a bully's arm (the dislocation was accidental I meant to hit his neck I missed and dislocated his arm) and after that I wasn't bullied that much.
    As long as it doesn't go to far I support kids throwing a punch or two as it is actually good for many things i.E learning how to take a punch and the best time and way to dodge a punch

  • Self Defense is necessary.

    As a high school student, I have witnessed many fights. They can be very vicious and even occur in middle school. When a fight occurs, numerous students will run towards the fight and shout, "fight, fight, fight." This makes it impossible to walk away from a fight and difficult for law enforcement to reach the fight. Also, the people involved in the fight do not stop until law enforcement intervenes or someone is knocked out. I have never been in a fight and hopefully I am never involved in a fight; however, students need the right to self defense. If a student is attacked the, they need to defend themselves, at least until law enforcement arrives. Fighting at school should have consequences, defending yourself should not have conseqences.

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GWL-CPA says2013-12-24T04:00:21.113
The kid who started the fight should be processed by the police and thrown in jail.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-09T16:23:19.097
More Crazy, Stupid, Lying, Wasteful, Garbage.
There 's no such thing as fighting in self- defense.
It takes two to fight.