Should fine arts be required for middle school students?

  • It is amazing

    My brother was forced to play trumpet because of a tradition. At first he hated it but then he grew so passionate about he practiced every night. And at the end of the school year he wanted to do it again. So I tried and I started playing the clarinet and I practice my song with my brother who helps me. So I think yes, YES, YES!

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  • Yes, we should

    We should have performing arts classes. They help us develop character and emotions that we need in life. We might also learn that we like this subject. Even if a person don't want to participate in this class, then they will eventually like it and be more familiar. Even though dance or art might not be relevant to most life situations, we can easily fix that by applying what we learned from the subject.

  • You never know.

    Yes, forcing someone to do something can cause a hatred towards it, but many students don't realize it's something they can enjoy. They just need a push. I believe art teachers should give children creative freedom, not force them to draw a tree, or only do life drawing. Ya know?

  • Its very important

    It gives a child time to focus on something else, to go into a different state of mind and create, to talk to its viewers through their eyes and what they see. It can easily interest them by drawing or writing or even acting about something that they strongly agree with, which again they are expressing themselves in a way you cant get from a math or history class

  • Yes, it's a class of self control

    Art class is a class in which you learn self control. You can create something that's so different than everyone else's creation. In Math, you don't really get that satisfaction because everyone is doing the same equation, the same steps. In Art, it's all about you and your own creativity and mind. It gives people a sense of self control because it's your own creation and you can do with it however you want.

  • Yes they should!!!!!! Go for it, and do it !

    It gives students a heads up on being creative. Imagination gives them something they may like or not. All other classes can't offer this. Maybe this can choose their career life in the future, maybe even let them have fun and do what they personally like to do. Go for it .

  • Arts are part of our cultural heritage

    The fine arts and humanities are part of our cultural heritage, and while some students may not like it, they don't have to like it. We require physical education and higher-level mathematics of students, why not a little bit of the arts? If students end up liking it, they might realize it's the career path they're destined for rather than something else.

  • Yes they should

    Fine arts opens up a world of imagination and creativity that other classes can offer. Science and math are based on equations and laws, history is based on past events and can not be rewritten to someones own ideas. Fine arts are the only classes that offer creativity and imagination. These students are the fututre of the country and while equations and law are important so is imagination. Fine arts requires intense focus and maturity that, if all students go under, can succesfuly tranform a students educational abilities that in turn sets them up for success in college and all throughout life.

  • Unfair, really. C'mon.

    I'm not saying we should let the students run rampant, but this is something they should have choice in. Something smaller. I believe more courses should be offered, but not as a mandatory subject. It'll just add stress to students who do not wish to participate, therefore lowering their grades in any other subjects.

  • Noo!!! Why? Noo need

    What if your not that type of artsy person and they force you into it then you eventually grow-up hating that thing for the rest of your life and it's all because of that "push" your parents/teachers gave you to be more artsy. Then it's like the hatred goes on.

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  • Do not force it

    I believe that you shouldn't force the students to do something they may not enjoy. Also, many of the students you are making do it won't even use it in the future. I do agree that it is important to many people, and it helps people through tough times, but that's them. Not every one will find that it is beneficial.

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  • Nope! Absolutely not

    At my school I am required to take a fine art, however they only offer theatre and art. I could spend my time pursuing something I am interested in. If I wanted to take theatre, I would check that box on my course selection. But I don't. I would rather pursue a history, math, business, or writing course. Writing exercises my left brain, right? Yes! So, why isn't it a fine art course?? Who knows! Anyways, if we are required to take a fine art, give us more selections (theatre,art, photography, creative writing, dance, sculpture, printmaking, etc.). I personally know that I do not want to pursue a fine art in my future. Yes, I know, some may say you don't know until you have tried, but I personally know MYSELF. I KNOW that i have stage fright and I know I have zero talent sketching or drawing, so why put me through a class I HATE? I also, understand the argument that they require a PE class. Then I am asked, WHY are you anti-fine art, but not anti-pe?? Well, you can take PE online, so clearly no one can make the argument that PE is for physical activity. I leave all you readers, one last question: Why am I required to take a fine art, and not a sport?

  • Eh, not unless they want to

    As much as I'm good at art, I hate to take classes for it and I absolutely dislike the fine arts being a requirement in my own school. It should be something kids take if they want to, art is kind of just a skill, not anything important except for getting a creative mindset.

  • No no no no no never no

    I don't think students should be required to take a performing arts class. It takes away the interest if students are forced to do something. Also, it takes time away from students to do more important homework. Ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gtggg g g g g g g g g g g g

  • It is not fair to everyone

    I do not think that it is fair for every kid in school is forced to do something they do not feel the need to do. It should be optional not mandatory. I think this would be the fair option to every kid in high school. So not it should not be forced.

  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz no

    Because it takes away from students who are interested in other things and it stresses student with the thought of " Can I draw this apple or Can I make this tree". It also stresses students with more homework than what is bearable. Written by Olak Teshung Mushangt The Third

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