Should firearms be legalized in the UK for self-defense?

Asked by: JackGibb
  • Legalisation can be successful if implemented properly

    The current Firearms Policy in the United Kingdom does not allow handguns, self-loading rifles (of calibres in excess of .22LR) and fully-automatic firearms. Such firearms are classed as Section 5 firearms and are prohibited to civilian ownership unless permission is granted by the Home Secretary.

    It is understandable that fully-automatic firearms are prohibited, as there is no reasonable argument for a civilian to possess such firepower; however, handguns and self-loading rifles should be considered for reclassification as they can also save lives. In the case of (animal) stalkers, groundskeepers and hunters, handguns and self-loading rifles can prove useful in humane dispatch and self-defence scenarios involving dangerous wildlife (such as wild boar) in the UK.

    Another factor to consider when looking at the current firearms legislation in the UK is how it has affected a once prosperous sport. Shooting has been practiced as a sport in the UK as early as the 18th century, and now exists as thirteen main discplines (as recognised by the National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom). Ever since the Hungerford massacre of 1987 and the Dunblane tragedy of 1996, the shooting sports have had a tainted image, and suffered from what some may call "knee-jerk" reactions (such as immediate bans on types of firearms); because of this, the popularity of shooting has decreased, resulting in an internationally recognised part of our culture and history to become taboo.

    Whilst some critics refer heavily to the mass-shootings of the United States, they fail to recognise the differences to the attititude towards firearms here in the United Kingdom. The firearms licensing guidance from the UK Government differs greatly from that of the US Federal Government. Americans almost always refer to the "Second Amendment" whenever discussing firearms, hailing its presence as a constitutional right. As such, it is often commented to be "enshrined" within American culture; commonly associated with the dangerously high frequency of mass-shootings and gun-crime rates. Here in the UK, there is no longer a "right to bear arms" because society deems it unnecessary and socially regressive; that still did not prevent the tragedies of the past. From those tragedies however, the people of the UK have learnt to enforce greater security regarding firearms; requiring police services to perform checks (both announced and unannounced) on properties, stringent background and health checks on those who wish to apply for licenses/purchase firearms/expand licenses or expand ammunition requirements. These differences are what shape the public opinion on firearms, which can be further modified to eventually work towards appropriate legislation which protects the shooting sports.

    Another argument held firmly by those who oppose "firearm legalisation" is that legalisation will increase crime rates. Unfortunately, it is well known by the police (as reported by BBC News) that there are many unlicensed and/or prohibited firearms in circulation in the UK; one of the reasons why they are not used as commonly in the USA is because they are too easy to trace, therfore nullifying their use in the majority of criminal activities.

  • Only in Britain and California

    Only in Britain and the pestilential state of California can a home invader intent on violating the sanctity of someone's home be the "victim" of ANY form of self defense which causes the scumbag injury.

    Here in the real world - we shoot those motherf*ckers and the cops high-five us for defending ourselves. You know what? I'm good with that! The code of right and wrong has meaning here. It has meaning because the consequences for violating that code are severe.

    Britain doesn't have a clue and the British people aren't likely to get one. Of course... That's what happens when you're spoon fed by bureaucrats and can't make your own mind up.

    Legalize guns inside and outside of the home. Encourage citizens to carry firearms, train with them, and stand up for what is right. Maybe then, Brits can begin to regrow their testicles and remember what being an independent, responsible citizen is all about.

  • It should be a right!

    The Americans have the 2nd amendment giving them the right to keep and bear arms not just against would be criminals or terrorists but also against tyrannical governments and domestic security services it is their right to defend themselves against all threats domestic or foreign and the UK should be no different.

    We keep having our rights to defend ourselves stripped down over and over again to the point where people are to scared to fight back when threatened for fear of being prosecuted which is disgusting.

    And saying we would be putting guns in the hands of criminals if we legalised them is right but at the same time silly considering that gun are already banned and yet they still get used in crimes and why wouldnt they when they can pick up a gun along with ammunition with the serial numbers ground off for less than £50 in some places. Leagalising them on the other hand would at least provide some deterrent for them to use a gun on someone.

    And as a final additive if you look at the states in america with the most relaxed gun laws compared to the ones with the most strict there gun crime rates differ massively with the states that have open carry and relaxed ownership having the least crime involving guns.
    On a personal note if i had to choose i would much rather be shot than stabbed a quick good search on knife wounds would clarify this matter for anyone

  • It is my right as a english citizen to bare arms

    Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano, an American Mafia turncoat told Vanity Fair in 1999: 'Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always going to have a gun.' the english bill of rights actually encouraged the ownership of weapons to asisit in the fight on crime.
    Look at texas, the crime rate is staggeringly low and it has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the world.

  • Self Defence: case in point Terrorism

    Terrorism itself is at a "critical" level in the U.K. For example, no injuries would have occurred from the recent London terror attacks where 3 men drove into people in a van and then tried to kill people with knives in pubs. What would have happened if the men in those pubs had all pulled pistols on them? Much less deaths and injuries. Yes we hope these incidences are a rare occurrence but we must be prepared for the worst, and sometimes one needs to protect oneself.

  • All gun crimes are with illegal guns

    All of the gun related violence is caused with illegal non registered guns this means if they make the gun laws harder it will not change and if more people are armed there will be less people threatening people because they do not want to get injured or killed they are just cowards

  • The law fails homeowners

    The law fails homeowners and people with lawfully held firearms. If an intruder breaks into your home you should be able to use whatever means necessary to defend yourself; if you own a firearm you should be able to use that without any repercussions.

    Bottom line: if somebody is in your home, you lawfully own a firearm, and they are shot that is the risk that they have taken by entering your house illegally. You wouldn't know if they were there to rob you, kill you or rape your wife.

    Burglaries are very prevalent in my area (midlands) and it seems that the law is biased towards the criminal.

  • Criminal have them anyway

    Criminals have them already. They get them even though they are completely band. We might as well make them legal for everyone. Also if they where legal it world be a lot easier to track criminals who are dumb enough to buy legal guns. I wouldn't mind having to go through train to get a license. We can't hide from danger for ever.

  • Hot home burglry

    55% of UK Burglaries occur when the home occupant is in bed.
    13% of US (gun friendly states) Burglaries occur when the home occupant is in bed.

    Let give the criminals some thing to consider.
    I'd rather my home was burglarized whilst my family and I were out.

    I do also feel that owning a firearm is a privilege. Just like owning a drivers licence. I think we (gun owners) should have to pay more, have government approved training and regular checks. I'd be happy to pay more in order for more freedome

  • I should be able to own a gun if i am of sound mind

    Self defence in this day and age with the amount of crime, knife and gun crime increasing. It seems only the criminals have the weapons, and the rest of us have to depends on the police. Who are becoming more and more useless. And thats without the threat of terrorism, an armed terrorist attacks the local town centre, how long before armed police respond and how many are dead? Too many people in this country think legalising firearms will increase gun crime. More like the more people who own guns the safer it will be, everyone will be to scared to use there gun if everyone else has a gun also. Better to have a gun and not need it, then need it and not have it.

  • Are You Serious?

    I understand that some people may not feel safe in their homes without access to a weapon in case of a robbery or murder; these criminal events are very unlikely to actually happen to you.

    If we allow guns to be available for self-defense, than criminals will buy them saying it's for self-defense and will use it for crimes. Do you really want to be giving criminals weapons?

    It will also mean that all police officers here in the UK will have to carry guns on the off chance that the suspect is armed with a gun. This means that the cost of training a police officer will rise and the cost of their equipment will go up as bullet proof vests will become necessary.

    If this isn't enough for you, than take a look at the crime rate in America! Also, their police are all armed with guns, and they killed more civilians in 1 month than British police did in 10 years!

    Now this is definitely more than enough to prove that the UK would be better off without guns becoming available to the common man.

  • No to guns

    Imajine wandering around a street and thinking anyone of them could have a gun. I would hate to live in a conutry wher anybody could have a gun because it would be scary noing that a person that hates you could be out there trying to kill you. Do you want that? So say no to guns and say no to the gunlaw

  • No to guns

    Imajine wandering around a street and thinking anyone of them could have a gun. I would hate to live in a conutry wher anybody could have a gun because it would be scary noing that a person that hates you could be out there trying to kill you. Do you want that? So say no to guns and say no to the gunlaw

  • No to guns

    Imajine wandering around a street and thinking anyone of them could have a gun. I would hate to live in a conutry wher anybody could have a gun because it would be scary noing that a person that hates you could be out there trying to kill you. Do you want that? So say no to guns and say no to the gunlaw

  • Legalising guns/firearms doesnt affect the security in any terms!

    If thought, Criminals will be able to gain easy access with new weapons on the legal market to kill citizens in the UK! Although, we have the right for self defence, the real situation just results the pros and cons increasing however equally. This demonstrates that firearms are useless to legalise as it won't solve crime rates instead increasing it!

  • Why would you want more gun violence?

    More people have access therefore more crimes get comitted ''but but criminals don't listen to the law'' you're right so why even have it be illegal to murder someone? Criminals don't obey the law! Hell why have anything be illegal? Criminals aren't going to obey the law, no, stop being stupid and realize that by having something be illegal you discourage someone from purposely breaking the law and doing something bad

  • Guns in the UK? NO!

    Guns in the UK would not scare criminals away from attacking it will just make it easier for them to do so. It makes it easier for criminals to gain access to weapons and will also make it easier for people to kill people as everyone will have a weapon.

  • Keep Britain safe

    Legalizing guns in the UK is a terrible mistake as it would mean that gun crime rates would increase terrifically and if everyone had a gun or an access to a gun more easily then it would make criminals lives much more easy because now they have a very useful weapon that they could use to kill and they are allowed to carry this weapon

  • Stop guns they are dangerous!!!!!

    Why would you want guns.You may think it will protect you but it will do the opposite.You are more likely to die of a bus crashing into you than you getting shot,so why would you want guns now.Not only that but think about all the people who drink,use drugs and who in gangs if we get guns then all the law abiding citizens will suffer.Please think before you act!!!!!!! Ban Guns

  • Guns Should Definitely Be Legalised

    If I'm about to be stabbed, my death could be prevented if I wounded the would be killer therefore, my life is saved and the would be killer is wounded, but not dead. So 2 lifes are safe with guns, whereas 1 life is safe without them. BRING BACK GUNS!!

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