• Fizzy drinks are bad!

    Fizzy drinks should be banned. It is ridiculous to drink anything that has a fizz. It should be illegal for all as should anything fruity, blue, or pink. There should be a stiff penalty for the drinking of these drinks. All of those caught drinking any of the above mentioned items should be imprisoned for life.

  • Schools should be allowed to sell soda

    Kids should be able to make their own choices for what they eat so they can learn how to eat healthier. There should also be classes at school to teach kids how to stay in shape and eat healthy. Schools should still sell sodas, but they should also be able to sell candy.

  • No, fizzy drinks should not be banned.

    It is a person's choice to drink fizzy drinks. However, I believe that it would be a good law to prevent very small children from drinking fizzy drinks. It should be illegal to put a fizzy drink in a baby bottle. These sweet drinks erode new teeth and cause health problems at a very young age.

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