Should football players who dive in a match be given an on-field red card (yes) or fined after the match (no)?

  • It's cheating and manipulation

    Football is and has always been a gentlemans game however the sport has been plagued by players who try to cheat so they can get a penalty and it's making the sport more dull and corrupt they should be given a red card straightaway so it can teach them a lesson

  • I'm watching the world cup right now and the diving is a joke!

    Being an Australian, I would rather watch Rugby League than soccer! (Here we call it soccer, football is Rugby League)
    Given that it is the world cup however most of our country is interested in watching, Its a rare chance for our mediocre team to be on the world stage! The diving however is now a running joke in our office. We spend all of our time laughing at the 'tactic' and it is becoming almost unbearable to watch. Red card them and don't allow a substitute to replace them. That sure would open the game up a lot more and help with the flow!

  • Basketball's version of flopping

    I really do not watch much world football. I am also American, so forgive me for calling it soccer. I can write better using the term soccer. I have seen how soccer players seem to take a dive every time they get touched. It is quite annoying, the same way basketball players do it. Soccer players should be fined or red carded. It really takes away from the game.

  • It's just a game

    Diving should be penalized, but there's no reason to financially fine a player. It's worthy of a red card, but nothing more serious. The problem isn't so much that there isn't a penalty for diving so much as it is that diving rarely receives a penalty except in obvious cases. Refs need to be looking out for players and teams who do this habitually.

  • Send them off, it is pure cheating.

    I think football players who dive in a match should be given a red card and sent off immediately. I think diving is a serious and deliberate attempt to cheat, and to expect other players to continue a match playing with/against a cheat is unfair. What makes diving even worse is it is a deliberate attempt to blame another player for an offense, and get him punished.

  • Yes, football players should be fined for dives regardless if its during a game or after.

    I think that football players who are found guilty of diving during their matches should be fined and penalized even after a football game. I think that too many players are willing to dive during a game because they think it's easy to get away with it. But if the organization is able to review games, then it would be less common.

  • wait till later

    i think that it would be best if they just let it go while the game is going on and that they just wait and get them with a fine when all of it is over, so that they do not make a big deal while the game is on.

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