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  • Football Players Deserve Salaries

    Football teams operate in the private sector, and football players deserve the salaries they receive. Salaries are so high because teams find huge success and profits through various ventures. With that in mind, we shouldn't criticize player salaries because the market dictates that players are worth such high figures today.

  • Football players should be paid well

    I think professional football players should be compensated well with as much as they go through. Football players suffer many injuries during their career, from concussions to knee and back problems. It is a physical and dangerous sport and they should be paid well for taking these kinds of risks to entertain the fans.

  • Yes they should.

    Footballers should get paid huge salaries. They are the ones bringing in all of the money, and they deserve to get a cut of that. If they were not bringing in any money, then there is no way that they would be getting paid those huge salaries like they currently are.

  • Athelets should get paid what the market demands

    Football players should be paid whatever it is that the sport can offer them. Many athletes are the faces of billion dollar franchises and make huge amounts of revenue for their cities and team owners. Because of this they should be entitled to a large salary. If the market did not insist that football players were worth their large salaries, then they never would have gotten paid them. Athletes have earned what they are getting paid, no matter how exorbant.

  • No job is worth the wages they are paid. Least of all football.

    They can be paid an adequate wage that will make them a modest amount for when they retire. They could quite easily be worth £2,000,000 once they are too old to carry on playing top class football which should keep most working class people for the rest of their lives. They don't need to be worth £200,000,000!

  • There are more important things we should be using with the money

    We should be spending the money on healthcare, homeless people, or finding a cure for cancer. We are just spending all the money on a footballer so he can spoil himself, we also should be concentrating on the war which is happening right now by putting money towards that Thats my opinion

  • Other profession should get paid more too

    Footballers kick balls around a field and every week can afford a terraced house. Firemen have 48 hour shifts, go into areas of distress and trauma, save lives while putting theirs at risk and face emotional exhaustion. They can barely afford to pay the 25 year mortgage on their terraced house and feed their family of four.

  • What do they do?

    What a footballer does is nothing compared to what a soldier does, all they do is kick a ball for 90minutes and a soldier risks their life for thousands of people. If footballers are so rich why don't they give money to their team or people in need of help?

  • Don't need a high salary.

    I see people saying oh well they get injured a lot and such. No one is forcing these people to play sports. Besides if these people want these stadiums they can pay for them themselves since they seem to have plenty of money to pey people millions of dollars a year.

  • No, they should not.

    I am all for paying athletes a salary for what they are worth. Football is not one of those sports. This is because it is one of the only team sports where an individual does not need to know what other players on their team are doing or opposing players. They only have to learn their one task and do not need to see the big picture.

  • Footballers should not get paid huge salaries.

    Footballers should not get paid huge salaries because they do not contribute very much to society. People who do work that is valuable to society or risk their safety for others should get more money. Although celebrities are famous, in reality they are often terrible human beings and they should not be held up as role models.

  • I don't think they should get paid what they do.

    It is a tough job traveling around the country or to different countries for part of the year and it deserves to be paid a reasonably high sum, but not the insanely high amounts that professional athletes tend to receive. It's sad that they make so much money doing a job for entertainment and teachers are making a fraction of what they do.

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